Incredible custom light! Solarforce L2M shorty, P60, 18500

Hello Forum. Just received a new custom light from Randy (screen name PFLEXPRO). He has a website: The light I ordered is a Solarforce L2M shorty host (4” in length) with a P60/optic drop in. The emitter is an XPL V6-3D at 3.04A It puts out 921 lumens on an 18500 IMR, It uses the guppydrv 22 mode driver. It’s unique in that the optic is in the detachable head. I have one head with a Carclo flood optic, and another head with a Carclo throw optic. Just switch the heads for a different beam! My flood optic throws 96m and the throw optic is at 179m. The light is fully potted, forward clicky switch, switch spring replaced with a short, heavy, beryllium copper spring, and has low voltage warning shut down. Light has a programmable step down timer, and a battery indicator. Light has the most amazing lifetime warranty. Check out the details on his website along with some other amazing offerings. Here is a video that shows the “AMAZING” durability of his lights: (watch this video!)

Enuf of all the specs, let’s take a look at this great light!!

Randy is a great guy to do business with. He cares about his products and clearly stands behind them. He cares about SAFETY. He makes all his lights to run at optimal conditions. I couldn’t be happier with this offering, one of my many favorites now.

If you are interested in a great custom light contact Randy. Contact info is in the 1st paragraph above. Thanks for stopping by.


Looks amazing.

Try this….


Thanks for sharing.
I browsed his website a while ago too. He has P60 drop ins, P60 in Solarforce hosts, and some beefed up convoys like S2, M1, C8. I am sure his products are solid and perform better than stock. His price is not bad either.
Anyone who wants something better than stock convoys should go to the website and check it out.

What is the runtime on a single 18500? How hot does it get when hou leave it on? Does the light output drop after being on for a couple of minutes?

Hello. Please check with Randy for an answer on runtime. Either PM him here or contact him at his website. The light can be programmed (simple) by the user to step down to medium mode at any length of time u desire. However, the light will safely run continuously on high with no issues, but should be handheld. Randy makes ALL his lights to run efficiently and optimally. He was willing to bump the current on this one for me at my request, but that would not be optimal (more lumens, less runtime). This light is PERFECT.

I love a floody beam. The Carclo optic I am using in this head is a medium flood one. Randy said there is a newer one just out that will be even floodier. He is sending that to me. Unscrew the bezel, pop the optic in, and I’m all set. You could have as many heads as you wish, each with a different optic, so different beam! Heads are $10.

I think this light is really sexy and unique, congratulations!!

The thermal properties on this build are actually better than my P60 builds. I was challenged by another member to fit an 18650 battery into the L2M…but that wasn’t possible. In order to fit the 18500 in place of the 18350 the light was designed for, I had to make a special pill. When using an optic (TIR), the pill moves forward in the head. This is a good thing if you’re trying to fit a longer battery in the light. The problem with moving the light module forward in a p60 chamber is you’re giving up contact area where the heat is transferred to the host. I built a pill that extends much deeper into the module chamber than a regular p60. So this longer pill wouldn’t use valuable battery space, I made the back of the pill hollow. You can see from the photo, there is no spring extending from the bottom of the pill…the spring is actually recessed and the battery inserts halfway into the back of the pill. Doing it this way enhances the thermal properties and allows for a longer battery…it’s a win/win.
Because I made the pill specifically for this light, I made it close fitting…it only takes a single layer of 4mil copper. Because the light module inserts so deeply into the head, I formed a flange on the bottom edge of the copper wrap and while inserting the drop in, the copper will not ride up the pill.


After all of this, the battery was still a little tight, so I replaced the long Solarforce switch spring with a much shorter beryllium copper spring…the shorter spring means you’re not fighting the spring while screwing on the tail cap.

I also wanted to make the optic easy to swap out, so I mounted it into the head…for my light, I have two heads, one for throw and one for flood. The light module stays in the host and the optic is changed by changing heads.

Runtime: There is a mandatory high mode step down, but it can be set for as long as 16.5 minutes. I think the step down is very beneficial for this light…not because of anything thermal, but because, eventhough I increased the battery size (and capacity), it’s still running on an 18500 battery. Below is a 30 minute output graph showing how flat the output is…meaning, thermally it’s really good. I should have run the output test for total runtime…you can see on the graph, the output is falling off at about 25 minutes, but I estimate it would have continued another 20 minutes with reasonable output.


high mode, ~920 lumens, flood optic

Whoa! This is one solid P60 pill! It looks really simple but I have not seen anyone make that before.

looks like a nice place to use those pesky 18500's that never seem to fit anything .

An 18500 fits in a L2M but only catches a couple threads .

- now it just needs a foyBezel@

did this years ago ( How many ? ) Left is 18650 L2 .

Middle is L2m

Right is L2short ( Takes a 18650 )

Left to right

L2 , L2m , 501A , L2micro ( 16340 )

It would be relatively easy to get a 18500 into a L2m ..

Just need to do a Romisen tail clicky mod to the tailcap to get more internal space as well as shorten the factory pill , remove the spring ( pill ) and it should work just fine .

I find this a very interesting mod , but not really new .

Another picture of the L2s ( 18650 )