Incredible wood patterns made with free-flowing electricity

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Wow, that is truly amazing! I wounder what kind of voltage/current is being used for that. Has to be some really high voltage thats for sure.

I believe they coat the wood with a solution (saltwater?) to help the flow. It’s still a very high voltage though.

Possible although it didn’t look wet in the video.

They’re called lichtenberg figures if y’all didn’t already know, and they’re even cooler in acrylic (though made with a different process).

Close up looks like flowing lava.

Looks like something Banggood or Gearbest sells for $3.99 with free shipping and batteries included. Looks really cool nevertheless :slight_smile:

I’m sure the tiny ones can be mass produced cheaply, but I watched some youtube videos about them being made and there are some huge ones that cost thousands of $

Here is a link to one of those companies explaining what they are

The bigger the distance, the higher the required voltage; perhaps quadratically related. You end up with huge custom made machines I can imagine resulting in high prices.
Or maybe it’s the shipping cost that is so high due to the included batteries and new regulations…

Here’s something else that company also sells, which I’ve never heard of before.

Magnetically shrunken coins

Seriously what? With respect this seems extremely unlikely (not saying they’re lying). I mean mass remains identical so density must go up right? How is that possible metallurgically. Gonna check it out later; I gotta go now.

Edit: checked out already. It only shrinks diameter, and thickness increases. Coins are “just” plastically deformed.

That is still a seriously powerful magnet!

It does funny things to the woman on Pennsylvania’s quarter….

Needless to say I think the figures burnt on to wood would be the most practical to do at home, as evidenced by their availability on Etsy.

Yeah, been watching videos of these things being done for the last hour. It is really quite simple.

microwave transformer + time = art.

Basically you just stick wires from the transformer to the wood with some kind of medium to help the electricity to flow and sit back and enjoy.

VERY dangerous but not hard.

The key are the details to get a nice pattern, a lot of the DIY are not as “pretty” as the professional ones. Thats just to to technique though.

I’ve been looking through that acrylic website some more, and it seems they’ve found a way to control it more than just letting the electricity do its thing. I’m assuming its more targeted magnetism, but the results are pretty awesome. They even do acrylic guitar bodies.

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Wow!! That’s really awesome!! Good one.

I’m glad you said it and not me… :smiley: