Info about Energizer Advanced Alkaline?

I bought a package of Energizer Advanced Alkaline, because they were just a bit more expensive than Energizer Max, and much cheaper than Lithium. But I wasn't able to find any information about them, I mean, discharge graphs, and comparations with other alkalines..

I found this pic on CPF, but there were no more info. My package is a bit different, but they are the same. Have you ever heard about them?

They don't sell these in the EU - in fact they seem to be Canadian market only - though they have obviously appeared in Argentina. The data sheet is here.

As usual, the datasheet is rather limited in terms of hard numbers.

Mmm, interesting.. they seem to be an average between Lithium and alkalines if you compare them with this info:

Local prices are something like these:

Energizer Max 0.8USD

Energizer Advanced Alk: 1 USD

Energizer Lithium: 2.5 USD <- yes, these ones are not cheap.. :(

I'd better buy more rechargeables..

NiMh all the way :crown:

After 400 graphs and 30 data sheet and 3 confrences ,a panel of 14 experts ...

the long and short is .. it's an expensive alkaline ..

Get those 2500mAh nimh Eneloops in "tactical" color and youre done for quite some time. :)

Would get a lithium one for a emergency in car flashlight carefulyl hidden that doesen't get cooked on sun in summer time. I like fireworks but not in car. Those shuld be stable but playing it safe might be a good thing.

I think pre-charged is a good idea .. think of all the stupid rechargables that have worldwide been returned because someone just grabbed rechargables by mistake went home shaoved them in a device and ...nothing ....awwwwe what's this ?? who bought these ??Take em back you paid too much anyway ..!! this way 6% of the population buys them uses them and tosses them in the trash ..everyone happy no returns no mess no fuss .