Infrared drop-ins

I’ve found infrared drop-ins from Manafont, DX, and Solarforce.




Anybody have any experience with these, or others I should be aware of?

Also wondering if anybody has tried using one with an aspheric?

EDIT: LEDs & stars

0.5W DX

1W lightobject


3W lightobject

5W lightobject

I don’t own any cameras or camcorders that pick it up. So I never bought one

Pretty much all of them that I have heard of extend the spectrum into the (visible) deep red.

I ordered the dx one, I’ve never seen one with some visible spectrum. My last experiances was with 5mm led’s and they weren’t in the visible spectrum

I’ve built a few and about half the cellphones will show the infrared. To test your phone point a tv remote to the camera and press a few buttons if you see white blips then your phone camera will register the infrared spectrum. They really enhance vision on low light cameras and night vision, including the kids cheap G.I. Joe night vision from Toys r Us.

It sounds like you will with the DX module from the OP.

From the most recent review - ” if your looking for a IR light source and don’t mind a bit of red glow”
One of the forum questions about the module is titled “Cut off filter to hide the visible light emited?”

Thanks for the heads up, something new to look forward too :stuck_out_tongue:

Night Vision app on android extends and provides for adjustment - IR flashes are much brighter with it.

My iPhone picks up the blips from the DVD remote, I’m not sure if the iPhone nightvision apps are legit. I guess I’ll find out in 4 to 6 weeks :wink:

I have the 4S which has a IR filter on the front camera but not on the one by the screen. It will capture the blips but when I used 5 infrared 5mm LEDs it wasn't able to light anything up, just show up as dots on the screen.

That’s what I’m afraid of, if it doesn’t show up I’ll get a cheap nightvision camcorder like vivitar

I have a cheap monocular night vision which has a small Ir Led and a lens build in and you could see a small red light in the dark.

I always wanted a Ir dropin, I have a wf501b laying around and never use it because of a low driver and and p7 which I don’t like. but it’s to expensive for me for just playing 15 minutes with it.

If someone sees a nice p60 ir for 5 bucks I am in. Or perhaps just a Led, than I could mod a sk68 or another cheap light I have lying around…

OP updated with LEDs I’ve seen so far.

The SolarForce dropin draws .5 amps with an 18650.

So that’s about 2W. Which is fairly consistent with the run time listed if using a 2600mAh.

Wonder if it is same with 6v or 8v?