Inspection robot (rover) lights

Hi all, im new here and have some questions and was thinking this is the place to find the expertise. Im building a Rover for inspection purposes at my workplace. Its build on a Wild Thumper 4x4 platform and driven by RPi and Arduino. Currently it uses a RPI cam 2 on a tilt/pan mount to give me FPV abilities. When i was testing it i came to the conclusion that my lightsource needs to move the same as my camera. Now i have mounted a headlight on front of the rover and beams forward, when the camera moves to the right i'm in the dark..... :( So now i want to mount a small piece of bend rail (like /----\ so )rail on the tilt/pan setup behind the camera with 2 forward leds and one on both sides under a angle so they beam to left and right a bit.

the Rover is fitted with a 12V LiPo battery and has a LM2596 regulator on board so i can choose my own voltage.

Ultimately i like the arduino to function as on/off switch through a relais. (this way i can set a button on my remote control to turn the light on/off).

Which LEDs should i use and why??? Wide angle??? SMD or COB....

I like to create diffused light so not a bright beam.