Install light inside a dishwasher

I wanna put a door actuated light inside my dishwasher. it’s dark in there. Anyone done this?

My dishwasher has LED lights built in.
That’s actually one of the reasons I purchased it.

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I have an idea and I’m curious if anyone here can say it is good or bad. What if you designed a light that was cast in a block of resin with the resin acting as a diffuser? Perhap a heatsink could be alllowed to stick out? Was just trying to imagine a light that was as waterproof as possible.

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Maybe snake an ultra flat ribbon cable on the top area.
Power supply outside. Waterproof strip of LEDs well gooped up with silicone caulk near the front on top?
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Why is no manufacturer doing it? Its too hot in there.

My dishwasher is a Midea(I’m told it’s made by whirlpool) and it has built in LED lighting.
Probably about 7000K and low CRI :stuck_out_tongue:.
It’s practically Silent too.

I thought OP meant dryer. My bad.

I don’t think I could even fit inside my dishwasher.

You could just bring a lantern or something with you, next time you go.

Just bought a high-end Bosch. I thought it had lights in it. A lot of the others did. Pretty cool looking. Now I want, I want.

Yep, saw that one.

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Would an LED work in a wet environment like that. Also on dry mode they get hot as an oven.

I’m failing to imagine a reason for lighting the interior of a dishwasher after opening its door. After waiting for the heat to dissipate and opening the door, I just slide out a rack to start putting away the cleaned dishes. I suppose if there’s a need to look inside before removing the load, I would grab a flashlight.

Respectfully, why would you need to light the interior, unless it’s more of a want.

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Mine has one in it. I thought it was common on modern ones.

The electrician in me says skip trying to put one inside it and just install a spot light in the ceiling that shines in it. I think you are gonna just create a major headache trying to retrofit a light in there, it living very long, and not creating a water leak somewhere.

What a bright idea! Adding a light inside your dishwasher could definitely make loading and unloading a whole lot easier. While I haven’t personally tried it, I’ve heard of folks successfully DIY-ing this project. If you’re not keen on tinkering, reaching out to could be a smart move. They helped me out when my dishwasher had a mind of its own, so I trust their expertise.

I pull the racks out when loading and unloading the dishwasher and my kitchen has lights. I thought that sliding racks were a standard feature.

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My wife is legally blind. Thanks for the snark though. ~Matt

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I hope you have fun here, Gagroot!

I had an inadvertent go at this… I do not recommend!

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I’ve never met her and you never said, obviously I should have known that.

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