Intellicharger i4 v2 or xtar wp2 II

alright i need a new charger to replace my dodgy ebay 18650 charger, i am posted a thread over at cpf asking the same thing, and got good information, but i am still torn between the 2.

wp2, 2 slots, only charges limited chemistry, but very fast charger and selective voltage, USB charging, has a car adapter, can reset tripped protected cells(something about a low standby voltage) , and cheaper to buy

i4, 4 slots, charges pretty much anything, but overall a slower charger, snail at 4 18650s, plus it cost more, but has that cool battery indicator, and don’t have to worry about switching cells when charging 4

which one would you guys choose? (looked at the wp6 but no need 6 slots)

Xtar SP2 for li-ions and LaCrosse BC-700 for NiMh :bigsmile: (in case you are new to these things. If not, hobby charger will charge them all :slight_smile: )
Whatever, both are great chargers. If you already have a good NiMh charger, go for Xtar, it’s faster :wink:

If you frequently have to charge 4x 18650 at the same time (because of Skyray Ling), then the i4 is too slow. A car adapter for the i4 costs 1.xx$ on ebay and i never owned any XTAR stuffz except for round LiIon cells. All i can say is: if i could undo my former purchases of chargers (Trustfire, Maha, HXY), i would do it, and only stick with the i4 V2. the longest i4 thread on BLF is this one:

( attention: shilling! )

YOull be happier with XTAR - mark my words.

I have got the Nitecore i4 v2 yesterday, and it seems to work fine. It is not the fastest charger, but it is faster than the Ultrafire WF-139 that i was using.

WP6 II essentially a 6 bay version of the WP2 II? thx

Nope, three WP2 II’s = 6-bay version of WP2 II. The WP6 II uses different charging algorithm and different circuitry than WP2 II.

alright i took the plunge on the WP2, cuz i don’t use my lights too much, so i do not need so many ports. and i dont plan on using rechargeable NMhs, thanks for the inputs guys!