Interest in (Google) Map of BLF Users?

EDIT: “the” got us started with a map. here’s a LINK

At some point I’ll add some screenshots of how to add your location, so if you have trouble, check back in a day or two.

I’ll leave the rest of my first post for anyone that wants to follow the discussion…


I’m wondering if there’s enough interest to make creating a map of BLF users worthwhile.

I’m sure our admin is more aware of any issues there might be relative to users and their data than I am…

but my initial idea WAS NOT to use any existing data from the site.

Instead, I thought of creating an open document, in a format that is easy to import to google, and let anyone that so chooses, enter information (I would suggest just username and city, or county/district/etc. for paranoid types, like me).

FYI, I haven’t done this before, so I’m largely ignorant of the details. I’m willing to iron them out and get this started…

Maybe I should have created a poll.

I think it’d be fun, interesting to see what areas users are from. Map porn and such.

Excellent idea… :nerd_face:

Great idea. Strictly voluntary participation. Should be interesting to see the distribution of flashaholics on a map. Reminds me of my Economic Geography class in college....

If you figure it out, I’ll play. Sounds like a pretty cool idea. The poll might also be a good idea, to see if it’s really worth figuring it out.

Hit counter map

that’s really cool, thanks for the link!

We’d obviously need SB in on implementing that. It says free for up to 2500 hits a day.

I’m not sure if it has the option to show all member locations, instead of just visitors’ locations.

I was thinking more along the lines of being able to see what members are in your area or state. That would work (w/ clustrmaps) for someone out in the boonies, like me, but not so well for people in highly populated areas.


I mean, everybody knows from my ID that I'm from Tyler, TX., but the hit counter map might be interesting to see the concentrations, from the number of times members come to the forums.

Sounds like a good idea.

I think it would be a cool idea…as long as I didn’t have to pinpoint my super secret bunker-compound-weapon and flash-cache J)

i like the idea of us mapping our self, that way those who dont care can put their exact address, those who do can put town or nearest city/county. this could be a cool project

From memory isn't sb from the dark. Google maps may have a hard time with that one. Yeah I think its a good idea. I would know who to pester for different things then.

Great idea :beer:

I'm game. My location listed is not that close to where I really live.


I’d drop my pin.,13.007813&spn=130.207671,281.25&z=02&t=h&output=embed

Click this link to add / edit your information. Then just follow the instructions on the left pane of the map..

Note that you need to be logged in with your Google account first.

Let's see how this goes. In case of failure I'll try to remove the map. ;)

Cool to see members scattered around in the world, thanks

all concentrated around major metro areas with “light pollution”: who needs a flashlight :wink:

Likewise. Chicagoland covers a lot of real estate...