[Interest List/GB] NEW 4500k 0.5w high-CRI 5mm LED in development

Following the development of RWN05-32K-C-EX, the prototype 3200k high-power 5mm LED, I want to give it a new CCT variant, which I think should be 4500k (more will come up later depending on the success of this run). However, due to the much larger MOQ for this new order, so I would like to be sure that there would be sufficient demand before I could proceed. The upside to this is that the production of this bigger MOQ can be more automated and could potentially result in more consistent product characteristics among the batch.

Therefore, I will gather the interest list here to gauge the demand. Should my demands can be met, all the participants will be able to get the emitter at a lower price than usual (see backer's price vs. total price).

What you will get: Just like the 3200k version, this LED is meant to be a mix between Yuji's high CRI and Nichia GS's high output.

The specs of the emitter (based on 3200k version):

Vf: 2.7-3.0v

If: 20-120mA (Absolute Max. 150mA)

Output: 8-9lm (20mA)/ 26-28lm (120mA)/ 30lm (150mA)

CRI: R9080

Goal for Group Buy: I planned to sell the emitters in differently sized portions, each are priced differently per emitter. Therefore, the threshold will be counted in dollars instead of emitters. My threshold for production will be around $1200 (sans shipping costs). This will help me offset the production cost, and some other risks.

Edit: If this threshold cannot be met with special price, the production may proceed and sold at regular price, if the total based on regular price reaches the threshold.

If you are interested, please reply with the size and quantity of packs you need.

You will only need to pay once the threshold is met.

The XL-sized portion is mainly for buyers from the U.K. due to restrictions of shipping items less than GBP135 to UK.


Portion Pcs Unit Price ($) Backer's unit ($) Total Price ($) Backer's ($)
S 20 0.5 0.4 10 8
L 50 0.38 0.32 19 16
XL 1000 0.29 0.249 290 249

Shipping cost and payment terms will be the same as this thread.

As usual, you will be resonsible for your import charge.

In for L/50pcs!

In for S.

Thanks for your effort :beer:

In for S 20pcs.

In for size s (20pcs) potentially L. Plus some more of your normal stock when the time comes.

In for 50. thanks for doing this.

In for S (20 pcs).

In for L (50pcs)

In for 50

Progress: June 3, 2021

Interests by size (pcs)

S: 4
M: 4
XL: 0

Target & Total Amount

Target ($) 1200
Total ($) 96
Total without discount ($) 116

I take S - 20 pieces.

I’m in for a S/20 group!

in for 2 large

Progress: Aug 13, 2021

Interests by size (pcs)

S: 6
M: 6
XL: 0

Target & Total Amount (USD)

Target ($) 1200
Total ($) 144
Total Non-Discounted ($) 174

In for 50pcs.

In for S - 20 pcs.

Would it be useful to split up a buy within the US, e.g. split out 100 leds into five packs of 20, to avoid a bunch of international shipping costs for 5 separate packages? Anyway I’m interested at the $8 (20 led) level, either this buy or the other one. It would just be a bit nicer if shipping didn’t cost more than the leds.

It's important for me to make clear that the listed shipping cost is for the overall transaction. The shipping cost will stay the same for 1 pack or 10 packs, as long as the shipment is still within the weight limit. So, within 2kg limit, any marginal increase in cost I will absorb it (consider it a volume discount in a way).

If you want to combine the order with somebody else, then you will need to consider the cost for domestic shipment in your country.