Interesting flashlights from Korea

I've bumped into these flashlights while searching on google.

There's a a lot of info and photos here:

Lots of photos and info here :

I really like how that one looks.

And a very interesting pocketable 10W HID light using 4 CR123A

Check out the throw on that little thing:

That first one is awesome. My question is the price.

If you are asking me, it's 1,536.04 USD or 1,650,000

The dimmer is very nice.

Jillite 10W HID called EZnite came out quite long ago already......i started playing with HID that time (Amondotech 3152).


Does that first one at that price come with a pizza? LOL!

How much do you think it should cost?

Wow...1.5k. I think i'll get more kick from an advertising searchlight and UPS. heh....

But I'll have to say, the design is really happening!

Anyway, you can check out the Wiseled Tactical 2000, quite similar level of performance and beam, just brighter a bit perhaps for this Jil Lite.

From fonarevka :

Wiseled Tactical 2000, think 3300 lumens.


Some HID lantern mod, not sure about power.




At least 100 pizzas less.

I doubt at even US $500 that light will get many takers.

Wow...this earth tone is nice! Even such a small light needs to use sapphire crystal as the lens, damn....they think it's horology here? (timepieces)


Now isn't that quality! If only it took 16340s.... (and I'm not after its clone)

That small one looks like a fancy shotgun shell! I love the leather case.

They don't show anywhere on ebay, where can you buy them at (in English)???


Damn though, 8x18650 really? That thing is gonna make one helluva boom.

HKequipment used to carry the EZnite, the 10W HID. Not sure if they can source the small one. But sheesh it's gonna be expensive, this is really for the guys at CPF. For 279 bucks for the leftmost special edition i think i'd be happier with a Nitecore TM11.

Where are the cheap clone? They look nice but way way over my budget.

Ok. We need clone of the clone.

Clones?....I thought old4570 has the N-light atomic bomb.


Thats the clone

Neither the clone is cheap in my opinion, $44 + shipping

Quote " LED is slightly off center"