Interesting ??? knife


A barker like him doesn’t make me buy anthing. He’s making me looking for an ignore function on YT (don’t waste your time, there is none).

Yeah, that is a very decent & well made knife.
Excellent blade steel also.

Thanks for the video!

I kind of liked his enthousiasm :smiley: . And he did a full teardown, pretty useful to see how it is built.

Agreed. ^ +1

well, he tried really hard,
in his old-style, late-night, TV-type
infomercial which was better than most.

Jump ahead to 12 min mark if the sound the dude makes is like fingers on a chalkboard. Looks like a solid product.

Yep; he is very verbose but his reviews are great—-I just turn the sound off. :student:

Here’s another one.


He sounds like a Hill-Jack to me.

Nice knife, nevertheless.


What’s a Hill-Jack?
Is that the same as a Mountain William? (Sophisticated Hillbilly). :student: