Interesting lighter for $2.42

Looking on TD just now I saw this lighter and thought it might be of interest to you other lighter collectors on BLF (seems we all share the same interest in flashlights, knives, lighters, guns, etc...). I threw one in my shopping cart and am diving back in for another look around.

Can never have enough jet flame lighters around. I have never bought anything from tinydeal.

I love how much nonsense they put on:

- Battery lighter

- Low mercuryzinc manganase batteries

. Shaped Ring (Seriously what the heck?!?)

And the brand itself NU?FA (if it was Italian slang NUN'FA that could be fun! - translated roughly: does not do)

Heh…me neither. There’s always a first time and how better on something with so little to lose on. Let me know how yours is when you get it and I’ll do the same. :wink:

Pretty cool but i think italian custom would stop it... Like many other things...

Nice find!

Still, never really trusted butane lighters. I still rely on my beat-up, tarnished and well-used brass zippo.

Speaking as someone who uses a lighter 40 or more times a day, the problem with those jet flame lighters is they stop working quite quickly - the catalyst mesh burns out and they are never so good afterwards. They really ought to make those meshes out of platinum or palladium but that stuff doesn't get put in dirt-cheap lighters.

I ended up ordering this one as it seemed a little less "NASCAR"ish as far as writing and decals goes.

I've bought about half a dozen knives from them. One was out of stock and they contacted me after a couple of days and offered to either wait or get a refund. I opted to wait but got a refund anyway. I guess they couldn't get the knife I wanted. More recently, I ordered a couple of knives and asked them to cancel and refund me after a week or so, which they did within 24 hours. Their point system is kind of weird and I can't seem to redeem the points I have but, frankly, I don't really care. All in all, they're pretty good in my experience.

For anyone interested, I posted a review on this this morning.