Interesting new driver avalable probably intended for R5 emitters

Unfortunately the specs or any relevant information is nonexisting.

Might be the 1,4A Ak-47.

The 1,560 spec feels a bit off since it's a linear regulator with 4x7135 which rated at 350mA each would give exactly 1,4A. Doesen't make any sense. The bottom cannot be seen either.

This is one nice exemple how to not do advertising. If i knew what i was getting it was a no brainer to get some.

Cool. Looks like the Shiningbeam driver, NANJG 101-AK. Classic KD in not posting any actual information that would generate sales and I love how they post two pictures of the same thing (you can line them up horizontally *or* vertically! how versatile! but they don't show the bottom). I'd like to be able to buy 1 of these, so I may wait a couple of days and see if they add a posting. But $2.75 each when you buy 5 is a great deal. Perfect to drive their neutral XP-G R4, especially if it has stars and can be modified to 3 non-flashy modes, which I'm betting it can.

The 101-AK is also available at DX with only 3 7135's, but this one looks a little different. The 101-AK has one resistor in the middle and this one looks like it might have two.

I think it's software controled because the board is the same as ak101, nice price and i prefer it over the ak47 rip anothers boards look fine to me.

As for the 1.5 A stated , that could be true since there are more than one kind of MC7135, from datasheet..

340-380mA AMC7135PKF AMC7135SJF
300-340mA AMC7135PKFA AMC7135SJFA

Received this half hour ago, is AK101 A1 tiny13a, it's my favorite driver ever , the only concern i have is some fear if with time the MC could behave in crazy ways or lost all the data..

Okay, I bought some. I only need 2, so if anyone in the US wants one, I can sell you at cost plus shipping once I get them.

Where did your 3x7135 come from, arenat? DX?

KD . also i got this nice 1.65 mm thick stars for xp-e xp-g ...

Does it have stars on the back for modes?

I got a 5-pack of these drivers today from KD. 4x7135 chips. The back says NANJG 101-AK-A1 and there are no stars. But I know Shiningbeam's similar driver (doesn't have stars either) usually just has a couple of the ATMEL's legs bridged to set it to 3 modes. So I am hoping I will be able to do that and change from 5 modes to 3 or even 2. The good news is that it is using an ATMEL chip, marked ATMEL 1023 TINY 13A, so maybe it can be flashed. Unlike the Shiningbeam driver, the leads aren't soldered in place yet, but are included in the package.

Haven't had a chance to install or play around with it. Will post a review once I know more. I have 5 of them, so I'm not too worried if I mess a couple of them up.

Ver interested to hear what you can find out.

I played around with the driver tonight, but didn't install it in a flashlight yet. It was 5 modes Low-Medium-High-Strobe-SOS. By bridging the two right legs on the lower row I was able to get 3 modes: 0.03A, 0.41A, and 1.45A. Memory sets after 2 seconds On. Here is a picture I took of the driver before I soldered anything.

Sure. I think I'd like to keep 2 of the 5 for myself. If other people want one too, I may only be able to send one to each person, but if not, I could send you two. PM me with your address.

How do you like the driver so far?

To me it is the perfect driver for XP-G lights using one lithium-ion cell, which is what I would use. The modes are just about perfectly spaced, with a nice Low and a decent Medium. I have still only used one of the drivers, but I plan on putting together some drop-ins with the other 2 for gifts. I haven't tested the efficiency, but it should be very high since it is a 7135-based driver. 1.4A is a great current to get the most out of a XP-G without overdriving it. I wish they could be bought one at a time.

Be Seen Triker bought 2 drivers from me and documented putting them in a pill here. He seems to have left his with the default 5 modes:

Which two legs bridged ? to each other ? or to neg ?