interesting new driver

Anyone any thoughts on where to use this?

I’m thinking it may need to go in a custom 4s side by side host but cant think of a suitable host….it has my interest tbh

That driver has a massive diameter. Looks interesting though. Come on gords, we know you want to buy it. I’d buy it but I would not know what to put it in.

Wonder if it's Small Sun T08 size. It must fit to some existing or past light.. LCK-LED is a bit strange to just throw this kind of thing out there - must be someone's excess inventory or something.

I was wondering about something with a separate contact board or a large retaining ring and separate battery carrier.

look at the photos.

I agree its huge, I dont even think it’d fit a maglite tube. I’m very curious about its intended home, the 5a drive current also has me wondering and its voltage range suggest at least 4 li-ions.

I do have one thought though, I’ve seen an 80mm reflector for an mtg-2, how would a 4s cells side by side host with a 90 - 100 mm head and sideswitch sound?

I was hoping I’d be able to use it to upgrade my SKY RAY S4 which currently uses a 30mm board. But even if it fit, the S4 only uses 1 x 26650, so no luck there. Maybe it could be fitted in a Skyray KING?

How about that new DX single emitter Apex 5T6 look-a-like?


its parallel though. whatever this is intended for, its series wired. They also suggest an sst-50 so its not new either, hence my interest, somewhere there is a host that takes at least 4 li-ion cells, has a sideswitch and drives an sst-50 at 5a, its also a ramping driver.

It only got added on the 16th of April, so its pretty new.

I told you it was interesting….

I do however like the idea of a lantern, 100mm reflector, electronic switch mounted on the handle, very hard driven copper mounted emitter.

That interests me more than the blackshadow terminator I’m taking my inspiration from.