Interesting new XML at Manafont

Nice big head on it.

Not big enough. Pretty standard. Why can't anyone just really whack one version with real big stuff on it, like 75mm.

Oh I agree with that but at least its not less than 50mm. Id like to see some more 3xXML's with bigger heads too.

The design definitely grabs your attention, but would like to see the reflector a lot deeper. It is about 20% wider than your average C8-style reflector, I'd like to see beamshots with that thing. And you can choose 3 or 5-mode, that's a new hitch.

Finally a stainless steel bezel that is Foy-bezeled right from the factory; you don't have to grind your own~

It's about $20 pricier than I'd want to pay, but I like it!

Give me a copy which takes the 73mm reflector on DX, 2 cells. I'd gladly pay $70 for it.

That's 80k performance btw. Already DIYed in the modification circles.




2100, I like that beamshot, but I have no idea what light, or 73mm reflector you are talking about, or what modifications for that matter. To what are you referencing? Have they modded the MF light already? Put a different reflector on it???

It reminds me a shaved cat ^^

OMG, it's a Sky Ray

well hopefully manfont reads this and up s the price just for you !!! no wonder there gettin pricy !!! wakie wakie never offer to pay more

for a different light, that was my understanding anyway

yeah thats right , my point being I read here it many threads " Im willing to pay more " I say becareful what you wish for as you may just get it !! many sellers no doubt frequent here

That light is butt ugly. Cats ok.

Everybody likes a shaved "kitty" :-)

Not everybody ...

LOL :bigsmile: Agreed about those "kitties" 0:)

OK, on topic, it reminds me old style flashlight, back in '80s. Big, SMO reflector. Don't know if smaller but deeper reflector will throw better :|

I guess some one has to like Bush Bashing !

Though I have never enjoyed the dark damp jungle myself ...

Never know what sort o critters you may run into in a jungle ... and dont get me started on the dampness or strange odors in warmer weather .

Geez , I guess if you had a headlamp , its wouldn't be so bad , at least you could see where your going !

I guess this is one side of our hobby no one talks about in polite company. Before you know it there will be a Bushfire light in an XM-L, cave-exploring special.

Kinda cute but makes me think of:

Would have bought it probably if available under 30. (silly eu regulations!)

No problem offering to pay more, because it'd be the first in the market, with that kind of performance which spanks big brands IF released. That said, it has to come out first, because from what i am seeing, it's not. Something like a Trustfire X6 with XM-L. <<- btw, do you know what price is that light and breaking it down for as individual components and the overall performance etc?

Or you can try asking someone to DIY for ya....good luck.

Or you can slowly wait for a Trustfire X6 XM-L for 50 bucks....good luck. It is not as if the additional metal/bigger reflector won't cost more than a FF STL-V6/SR V2 and they can still do it for $46.20 or $54.

Else we are just driving in circles. Cat n mouse.