Interesting replacement for an E11 50W halogen bulb

This is one of the mini-candelabra base bulbs. A friend of mine came to me with two dead 50W halogen bulbs and asked if I could find an LED replacement. He complained they would only last about 18 months. One of the two bulbs was a Philips so it wasn’t because they were cheap. I did a little looking and found silicone bulbs that met his needs. I bought two from overseas. One is a 5W 80 SMD 5730 bulb, the other a 7W 152 SMD 3014 bulb. Both are considerably brighter than the original 750 lumen halogen bulb. My friend is quite happy with the result and not having to buy bulbs so often (probably again never in his lifetime). BTW, he doesn’t know the concept of CRI or care a darn about it. He just wants a decent light. The 5W bulb was $2.89 and the 7W bulb $2.39. They took 29 and took 29 and 31 days to arrive from date of order. You can get them on Amazon but I never go there!

I used some of these silicone bulbs in outdoor Christmas decorations. They work so much better than the old incandescent E9 bulb. The small ones with fewer LEDs and a G4 base cost less than a dollar each.