Interesting Roundup of Iphone/USB Chargers

Some great info on why phone/USB charger quality can vary immensely. This guy tests a bunch of them, takes them apart, and does those cool oscilloscope tests on them. I never new it but there is a ridiculous quality difference between generic chargers and those made by Apple, HP, etc.

Also some tests done on Powerbanks (Probably should be in the battery forum? Whatever.)

Very interesting reading!
Thank you for posting.

Wow amazing article. What about safety? In the news there has been a story going around about a woman who was electrocuted from a usb charger. I’m thinking about getting one but I want to be sure it’s reliable and safe. This one this guy reviews seems ok.

USB Charger link:
Powerbanks link:

If you want to see test on a couple of other usb chargers and power banks, check my website. I do the same kind of tests.