Interesting UltraFire AA Flashlight - $3.48

Depending on the driver this looks like it could be quite a thrower, its a little hard to tell how deep the reflector is though.

The tail looks like it has square threads and looks like it can tail stand.

Appears to have a pressed in lens though and I have no idea if the reflector is plastic or aluminum and if the gold heat sink is functional or just copying the style of other lights.

What do you guys think?

Looks good, for $3.48, you can’t really lose…

Likely not cree.

For that price if you press the button and it spits out light its a good deal!

Need major reconstruction for it to throw anything. To begin, it's not CREE. Then, pill is hollow plastic. Plastic everything, reflector, lens, pill. And they're press-fit from front, it's a pain to remove internals without damage.

Check buyincoins out if you want these sort of lights. Can get similar light for half this price.

Have you owned one?

I think I’ll pass if thats the case.

I have lots of these, I think more than 10 probably :)

I don't have the exact one like your post but I had two or three very similar looking one. But despite having many shapes, one thing about them is that they all share the same characteristics as my post above.

So quite likely this one will not stray too far from the tree.

I think it's a AAA flashlight like this:

Very far from the throwers, it can 20lumen max. Heat sinking tends towards zero, plastic lens +reflector,

blue tint. A very little emergency light with a good runtime.

I have. Its not very bright (its not a Cree!) and tint is very blueish.
With another led it could become a nice little light.

I had that exact same light. It was advertised as AA but arrived as AAA. Not a bad light, but not very moddable. It didn’t have a Cree R5 either. It pulled about 300 mA at the tail cap if I remember right. Here is the thread Ultrafire 705 from ebay $3.50

I measured around .300mA. I´m planning to put an Osram led in it. Maybe a driver swap too.
Its a little odd that the lens, led and driver goes in from the front.

i have a few. Good Christmas shocking stuffers for kids or cheap key chains for friends. I concur with all the above comments.

I bet Old Lumens or Match could make these rock!!!

That mini MRV looks pretty cool. The price is definitely right.

That looks very similar to this one, except for the brass ring.

Best thrower you can get for the money.

Or you could by 2 of these for the same money;\_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

Thats true! Or 1 of the best showers you can get for even less money. Buy 2 and mod one with an XM-L and a 3 amps driver and an OP reflector and you get a wall of light.

No matter what, you cant go wrong there.

I have now modded my light with an Osram Golden dragon led. I like the tint of this.

Its a much better light now, and I may mod it even further with a cree Q5 and a new
1,5 amps driver.

I also found out that the light with the stock driver can use Li-ons without any problems,
which made it an even better light, modded or not.