Intex hydroelectric LED pool light

Amazon link:

Anyone tried out this light, I just got one but I still have a few weeks untill I set my pool up. Really like the idea of it working off hydro power, so no batteries. I just hope it’s bright enough for me.

Wow now this is awesome
We don’t swim often at night and usually do not use the pump while swimming
But is would be great to see from the house if the pump is working at night by the lights.
Not entirely sure if it fits nor al water outlet for intex makes those above ground pools so if you get one please make some pics and measurements before installation :wink:

They make one for the 1.5 and 1.25 inlets.

I got one, it’s just on my pool yet since I have not set it up yet. I have a 10 foot easy set with a 1000gph pump. I’ll try to post some pictures of the light.

Thanks for the link, it’s still working.

Oh, I also need extra light for the pool, I get home from work late, so I swim when it’s already dark. Thank you for sharing! By the way, Amazon is my favorite online marketplace and I can find almost everything I need there, besides, I like that they often offer shipping. Also, I realized that I need to order a pool cleaner, because a mop is not the most effective in cleaning water remaining on the tiles around the pool and can damage them. In fact, I found the best pool cleaner reviews, and I think that Google is what I need. I just watched a video review of Google on YouTube and seems lilke a good choice for a reasonable price. Has any one tried it? Was it useful?