Coupon Code??

What is our current coupon code for these guys? I could not find it.

They have said they dont give coupons or do group buys because their products are priced as low as they can be already.


I think their prices are pretty competitive already.

I think they could be …. 5% lower.

IO stocks quite a few unique products that you don’t find anywhere else, and they are reasonably priced for what they are. And when it comes to stuff you can find at a multitude of other places, their prices are very competitive already.

I was asking for a current coupon code , there have been several of them in the past, I used them.
The website still has a place to enter a coupon code when you check out .

I understand that people have opinions about the supplier and it’s prices, but that is not what I am asking for.

I am asking if there is a code out there for provided for us to use.
Thank you for your input.

Yeah, sure, fair enough. But you got your answer already, and so I was just opining after the fact.


Yeah, it makes for the odd bothersome feeling that someone, somewhere, has a coupon code they can enter in that box ….

Interested,I would know

Hank does not do coupons or group buys.

Unlike many other manufacturers, his prices are not artificially marked up for people who do not have a coupon, so everyone pays the same reasonable price for his products.