Intl-outdoor down?

EDIT: It's back!

Can't open Hank's website..

Just me?

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.



Same here

Good to know... I sent him a message so hopefully he'll read it when he wakes up!

Yup seems to be down.

Well, his site is physically still there.

—- ping statistics —-
54 packets transmitted, 54 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 11.335/12.003/17.441/1.019 ms

Hangover. or female distraction in bed maybe??.

Shhhhh. Give him time.

works for me…

Opens normally for me.

Looks like it’s back to life. I was unable to enter the site yesterday, but now it’s fine.

I cannot reach the site again, is it just me?

happened several times for me in the last week, initially I thought it was because firefox broke all add-ons (that was another fiasco that happened). But it was the actual site since every other website works for me.
it is down for me atm.

down i can confirm……

Still down for me also, i went to check something on the d4 and noticed its dead.

Need it back soon. I need to begin the waiting process for a new D4S :slight_smile:

PM Hank Wang or depending on your desired configuration MTNelectronics has some domestically too

All set up. Had an email out to him, and he replied with the excellent news of the site being back. D4S inbound!