Into the light

Hi, I've been following this forum for several months. Time to come out of the shadow and into the light. Very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere here! Lots of great info, reviews, deals and sharing. And no problems with page requests timing out or the whole site being down regularly like over at (you know where)!


Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF, Nite Shadow! What part of PA are you from?

Welcome Nite Shadow!

welcome. A new to new.

Most of the time listen / reading is better than talking / writing......

So I enjoying reading BLF.....

Hi, Nite Shadow, welcome aboard...

Welcome to BLF

Thanks to all!

JohnnyMac, mostly I grew up a Wildcat in Cumberland County but have called Whippet territory "home" in Chester County for many years now. And you?

Nice to meet you. I just joined up not long ago also. Hello everyone!