Introducing the MELD-X RGBW(uv) flashlight driver!

Nice host choice!

Unfortunately I didn’t take pics during the build. I had to machine up new driver retaining rings (front and back of driver). The host is actually from the parts bin of a Chinese vendor (aka returned lights). Hence the mismatch anodising.

I’m already familiar with the UI as I bought a solarstorm T4 from Cereal Killer a while back (a BLF member I don’t see much now). The light was already modded with one of your drivers.

I don’t yet have a host for the other driver I bought.

How does the color mixing look with separate TIRs?

Not bad. There is slight tint variance across the beam on a wall when multiple LEDs are on but not really that noticeable otherwise

That looks so cool pp. :beer:

RobertB sent me a sample if diffusion material that is nop notch. I’m saving it for when I can get my RGBW built with meld driver.


I took a wall shot. This is RGB at 60%. I can just see colour variation around the edges, of course, I’m not the best person to ask regarding colour as I’m blind to some shades of green :person_facepalming:

That would work well. I was thinking of doing a diffusion wand, for some lantern style fun.

You might’ve noticed I printed the UI and stuck it to the Solarstorm. I can work my way around the standard UI but the advanced settings I still need to refer to the instructions. (don’t mind the dusty lens shown here)


Wow, that looks like it would blow away my trusty LED Lenser P7QC!

219C 4000K 90+CRI



Sooooo, where did the blue mcpcb come from? Link?

Nice mod steel_1024!

Very nice mod! Thanks for posting. I’ve been dying to get to my own meld mods but unfortionately it’s still going to be a little while. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the xp board from the link in the op with the center dremeled out?

(MELD-X driver user manual – Clicky firmware)

It is difficult to understand all the options for “DIM”.

All enable are fine?


What different between “primary level is changed to the brightness level”

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. Are you asking if it’s ok to simultaneously enable all the options in the menu? If so the answer is yes.
As for the primary level set option, the sentence you partially quoted is just saying that it will use the most recently used brightness for the new setting. For example:
I want my primary (double tap) level to be brighter. I go to primary, then double tap again to begin ramping. When I find a higher level I want, I single tap to stop there. I keep it there for at least a second to memorize the operating mode. Then I tap repeatedly to access the menu and wait until it cycles to the set primary option, and single tap to activate it. Now the new primary level is stored and will be used when I double tap from any other mode.

I understand now,
The primary that is the “2 tap” anytime”

I have been able to fully understand the “user manual – Clicky firmware version”, But dim to red.

“If dim to red is enabled, the low red color mode will be removed from the list.”
“If dim-to-red is enabled, the ramp will include a low red output at the bottom end. ”

I can not test this option, whether enable or disable.
Can you explain it in another way?

Very interesting combination, enjoy it!
Thank you

If it is enabled, the minimum output level will be red instead of white

After many attempts, still can not see this “red level”.

momentary switch version, ready to go……