IR/white dual emitter?

I’m contemplating a project and it involves implementing dual infrared and white light in a single reflector. Emitter being replaced would be about the size of a xr-e and I need about 200 lumens from each die. Of course, the dies would need to have separate grounds. Does anyone have any ideas or sources?

Sources? For IR emitters? has black olsons.

I did not realize that. But all OOS and all are pure IR emitters. Though I recall seeing dual-emitter pads for sale on Fasttech once. Could be something to consider. thank you. :slight_smile:

Though I just learned that the device’s function I’m attempting to copy did so with a polarizing filter over an incandescent lamp, so the project is kinda just dead. When/if I get NODs I’ll just buy a DBAL to go with it.

Opps, I missed that you were asking for a white led + IR on a single package. I’m not sure if that exists.
And I think you just made up the last one for fun! :smiley:

OOS Out-Of-Stock

NOD Night-Optical-Device [night vision]

DBAL Dual-Beam-Aiming-Laser [ir and visible laser slaved together with an ir illuminator for use with night vision]

Sorry, forgot I wasn’t on :smiley:

What is the device were you looking to copy and do you know the purpose of polarizing it? Doesn’t night vision work just as well with un-polarized light sources?

I was looking at buying an airsoft copy of the Surefire M900v. The Original has a function where you twist a collar on the bezel to switch from white to infrared spectrum. I thought it was done with a dual-die LED, as for $500+ it should effing better have a LED, but it turns out it’s a polarizing filter over an incandescent bulb on the real item. The copy version is just a white LED and the rotating collar serves to switch it from constant to strobe. It’s still something I could do but I think its just going to make for a more reliable system to buy the normal M910A copy, put a warmer emitter in it, make sure its waterproof, and then when I eventually buy night vision, get a proper ir illuminator.

Night vision would work with un-polarized light I imagine. I must not be understanding things right.