is candlepowerforums gone??

forgive me if this has been discussed to death. i did a search and found several oooold posts but nothing recent.

i've been trying to use candlepowerforums for the last few weeks its been down. is it comming back or is it gone for good?

Its up:

interesting... i've been trying to get on for the last hour today, i've tried off and on for the last few weeks. i've tried different computers, even my phone and they browser times out. just in the last 5 minutes it started working

I'm glad I wrote the Balder review for this forum first and just copied and pasted it over there. What a waste. No replies, although it's also displaying just one view so maybe something is messed up. Maybe it's like Craigslist somehow and it's a ghost listing, haha. Maybe they're collectively ignoring it because I didn't post in the "budget" sub forum. I did that intentionally

Yeah , its up , its down , these days it seems to be down an awful lot ....

Not sure what's going on , but they seem to be having issues keeping CPF up and running ..

And didnt they tell us the recent upgrade was supposedly to improve things , not make them worse ... ?

Oh well !

I may go and offer my services to help her highness with her web site issues. We all know how well she admits fault and accepts constructive criticism.

[/Heavy sarcasm]

piss on it

before i new of this site, i registered to be able to post over there mainly for the diy help. i was registered but didn't have "permission" to post!! WTF!?! i emailed several times and never got a reply. i gave up. seemed kind of snobbish over there from what i gathered.

Similar thing with me. Seemed whatever I tried to do I didn't have "permission to access", or "wasn't authorized", or some such tedious cobblers. I soon gave up. Didn't bother emailing, just banned them.

Yeah its often down...Why cant they just fix it or something...? I go on dozens of websites, CPF is the worst Ive ever been on in terms or downtime and being slow.

Welcome to BLF, tpolley...and others here for the first time !!!

Yes, welcome all to the BLF.

You have been banned. Stay here instead

CPF,BLF.Hmmmm,I prefer to BLF.Lol

the question is: who cares? :)

Man, you guys are harsh!

Cmon, they aren't that bad. I learned a lot of really cool stuff over there.

The main thing that made me roll my eyes was the heavy moderation (links to budget sites were blocked), and the people talking about how their 500 dollar 30 lumen Haiku or whatever the heck was the greatest, most important flashlight in the known universe and how they weep for joy at the beam profile, etc. I mean, really?

I joined CPF over a year ago and have made a grand total of 3 posts. I find the site to be unrealiable - down more often than not when I try to get on. The biggest thing that strikes me is how unfriendly the place is. Very heavy handed moderation and sometimes just mean. BLF is very low key and friendly by comparison.

But but but... cpf is the largest and friendliest flashlight community on the interwebs!

That place is the least reliable site I have ever been on. The moderators suck, and even the a lot of the members suck. They do have a lot of good info there, but it is much friendlier here.

She doesn't even want help usually. I offered to help with the CPF Wiki, got no response, things never got better (in terms of spamming), so I started Flashlight Wiki. She finally just pulled the plug on CPF Wiki. Oh well.