Is DinoDirect a Reputable Company?

I placed an order with DinoDirect on 1/31/17, with the optional Fedex shipping, it came to well over $100.00. I was aware of the fact that it was their holiday period but someone was there to accept my money.

On 2/02/17 my order was shown as paid, approved and stalled at that point.

On 2/09/17 I opened a case on their website asking if there was a problem with my order or a reason it was stalled……. nothing.

On 2/13/17 I sent a PM to Summer here on the forum asking if she could find out if there was a problem with the order.

On 2/14/17 she responded with “Our customer service team will contact you to solve the issue soon.” Soon hasn’t happened yet.

As of 3/06/17 I have heard nothing from anyone connected with this company other then Summer and am wondering if it’s time to contact the fraud department at paypal. Before I do I’d like to know if anyone has experienced anything like this with this company, is this normal for them or am I being taken?

Never bought from them, but there are topics about them here, and from what i’ve read it’s not the best store out there (understatement…).

I haven’t bought from them in several years; originally, they had a reputation for unscrupulous business practices, and IIRC, had an Avoid rating here:

That said, I’ve purchased from them a couple of times (in 2011 and 2012) and had minimal issues. My experience was comparable to purchasing from any of the other overseas sellers…

Both of my orders were very small. One was for 3x XM-L U2 emitters for the unbelievably low price of $4.49 each in 2012, and the older 2011 order was for a $5 UltraFire 502b, where they automatically added a $2 insurance fee to the order without my approval.

I remember some people talking about that shop on another forum but couldn’t recall exactly what was the issues… perhaps it was the bait & switch thing. Eitherway, dont let your guard down when dealing with this type of seller and always remember Paypal is your bestfriend. No update for a month after your purchase isn’t acceptable, imo. You should have already received the dispatch confirmation with the tracking number by this time, the least.

Often I would pay for alight. A week later I would ask why is hasn’t shipped yet . Days latter I would get a response that it was unavailable and would I take a some replacement item instead. The item would be a a $5 light marked up close to the price of the light I ordered.

I stopped dealing with Dino Dung. .

I just had a same problem with
Paid in full at 01/25/2017 (over $100) but nothing ship out.
Then I opened a case to asked about shipping at 02/10/2017, they tried to delay shipping with many reasons until I filed a case with Paypal at 23/02/2017 and got back my money few days latter!
Bad seller …

I’ve had a few great deals from Dino, but the last time I ordered was 3 or 4 years ago. After the Avoid rating here, they went very quiet, and the rare times I checked, their prices were crazy high.

It was good while it lasted though.

The good old Dino time…
They had some really great prices, but are unpredictable. Paying with Paypal is a Must.
I remember the great Christmas sales (must have been their first year in business). And member Summer has been replaced by at least 3 or 4 people in the mean time.
Wouldn`t recommend buying from them, unless they have something really really cheap…… and you are not in a hurry.

I had forgotten they existed
Good times, remember the squirrel that deleted himself?


Just a quick update, I am now at 42 days without my order being shipped or my inquires to them being answered. I have filed a claim with paypal and it is now in their hands. I would suggest that anyone considering ordering from this company give it some serious thought, there is a strong possibility that you will regret it.

Thanks for the update; good to know they haven’t changed their ways in the past six years… :expressionless:

You should post your experience in the Dino thread I linked to above to keep that thread alive with current info.

I had a bad experience with them as well.
I tried to buy a Klarus light. Paid and it was quiet for 2 weeks.
Then I tried to contact them - chat is useless, you are always on hold. If you’ll be lucky to connect to them they drop the connection and you in a “queue” again.
Emails being ignored, tickets answered with a delays.

I claimed to paypal and got my money back the same day. Never again.

I received an email from PayPal yesterday, they tried contacting DinoDirect giving them 5 days to respond to my claim. Having not heard back from them in a timely fashion they concluded their investigation into my case and have decided in my favor.” 49 days after placing my order and not hearing a word from this company my money is being returned by PayPal.

I would strongly suggest that anyone considering doing business with this company to reconsider their decision. If their prices seem unreal it’s because they are, if you have to deal with them use PayPal or chance never seeing either your order or your money. As for Summer their representative here on the forum…. totally useless.