Is flashlight an effective tool for self defense?

I’ll be driving cross country and plan to sleep in my car during the trip. If I were threaten by shady character in the dark of night, would a good flashlight’s turbo mode (or strobe mode) effective enough to disorient the attacker, affording me a little time to get away from the situation?

I have done some readings and have settled on getting a Sofirn flashlight. The SC31 Pro seems to be very popular, but may be a little small for my purpose. The SP70 is solid, but big. Which of the Sofirn light do you think is a good choice for self defense?

Thanks in advance for your insight!

If mounted on a .45 long-slide, absolutely.

In many places a disguised weapon might not be permitted, but something like this might work in your favor.

Or with knurling like this

Either way, these are workarounds only. And you would need skills in close-quarters combat that many don’t have.
Nothing worse than getting beat up with your own flashlight.

In my opinion, a flashlight is an effective tool enhancing self-defense in that it can help us be more aware of our surroundings when it is dark, or when certain areas around us are dark. I would never rely on a flashlight to disorient or disable an attacker.

Especially if it’s a Tool AA…

Wurkkos TS30 of TS30S as a stabby thing

Agree with Lightbringer’s first post. :slight_smile:

Maglite 6D works very good for that purpose.

If some Karen comes along and is harassing you and you shine 13k lumens in her face, she’ll probably be disoriented a bit, and at least won’t be able to look at you while she berates you.

If you do that to someone already bent on hurting you - they’re still going to hurt you, maybe even more.

But, if they don’t know you’re about to shine the light in their eyes and they get a full dose, yes it might give you a split second to flee, or even cover your 45 long slide draw (kidding, use 2 hands on that 45).

I just received this ($64 after code found here). wurkkos dl70

I don’t know if it’s really 13k lumens, but it is shockingly blinding. I do think of it as an option that minimizes escalation.

This conversation has been had several times before. It pretty much breaks down to. The light does nothing but piss off an aggressor while he may have real intent to harm you with fist or a weapon. He sees spots and you bleed not a good exchange of force. The light as a weapon by all means and the good ones; Convoy L2, L6, L7, Thorfire S70 and Sofirn SP70. A little bit smaller the Convoy M3 with stainless steel bezel. Driving cross county means dealing with state and local laws. If it looks like a weapon it may be treated as a weapon, Baseball bat flashlights can get you into trouble. Pepper spray is a good option in most areas. Also sleeping in your car in many areas is considered unlicensed camping. It’s a tool is some areas to keep transients and Gypsies/Travellers out.

It’s often said that a pair of running sneakers is a more effective self defense tool than a knife. nuff said?

I would say that if you want to use a Sofirn with a good flood, high lumen and a bit of heft, go with the sp36pro. If you manage to get an element of surprise and blind them they will not blink that away in a second. It will also give you a good field of view overall. To me it has a decent mix of flood and throw.

That’s the one I’d use for that kind of trip, if you plan on using a Sofirn that is. Otherwise there are lots of other choices. I’d second the Wurkkos TS30 if you want a tactical style. :slight_smile: Or the Convoy L7 if you want an upgrade to the old maglite 4D or 6D weapon.

Just remember though, do you want to bring a flashlight to a gunfight?

If you stick to public spaces such as Walmart parking lots, or designated rest areas, to sleep in then you’d most likely be ok. If sleeping alone out in the boonies then I’d personally want to have a sidearm with me. Better yet, Motel 6.

Probably don’t use an Anduril light for self-defence. “I’ll scare the attacker off with the strobe mode, oops, I actually ended up in battery check mode, oops, I’ve now accidentally entered config mode…”

Yes, I agree. A flashlight is only good for self defense against another person with a flashlight.

“would a good flashlight’s turbo mode (or strobe mode) effective enough to disorient the attacker, affording me a little time to get away from the situation?”

it is possible,
but not likely.

Walmart parking lots, rest stops and Motel 6s. I’ll take the boonies anytime. :smiley:

> I’ll be driving cross country and plan to sleep in my car during the trip.

have a wonderful time

a flashlight is a good idea, so you can see there is nothing there to worry about

tactical has some specific features
the switch is on the tail… usually only one or two modes
it assumes stress and seeks simplicity

otoh, for looking around camp, the SP31 is a great choice… Go for It

google some “where to camp” sites… you will soon figure out the rules of the game


tip… try to rent campsites, they have bathrooms, nice locations, friendly neighbors, and security… no reason to worry about arming yourself for self defense and survival in the boonies…

Just treat yourself to a fun trip. A night in a motel w a TV and Pizza can be fun too…
Live Large! LOL

It’s your funeral, bub.


If your choices are flashlight or nothing, take the flashlight. If your choices are flashlight or .45 take both. It’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. On the other hand, I hope I never have to trust my fate to 12 people who aren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty…