Is GearBest selling fake Nitecore chargers?

Yes, I recall the BangGood version of the same thread… but Im not saying its confirmed by the scratch and sniff process.

I have a D2 I purchased from GB in May, just got around to looking it over and its magnetic on the slider, positive end appears not to be. The I series shown on the Test for Counterfeit pages at Nitecores website says neither end is magnetic, that page is for all chargers not just the I series. There are no spelling errors on the box as shown in a UK recall of Nitecore D4 fakes but this is a D2 and the box is different.

So before I head to Paypal and start the process, I was looking for input or experience in the fakery of Nitecores, and the reliability of Nitecore to live up to their own standards. I have not done the scratch and sniff test as its unreliable anyway, and as its a gift Im not wanting to make it look second hand. I have 180 days according to PayPal it seems.

I have no proof that my I4 is legitimate, but it functions perfectly, terminating most cells at 4.19-4.20v. The sliders on mine are magnetic, and the positive terminal isn’t. I don’t remember for sure where I bought it, I think it was fasttech. I also just checked a brand new D2 that I’m pretty sure I ordered from Mountain Electronics and it is the same.

this is how you tell

Is the corn already installed or do you install your own?

Interesting, you can log into ME and check your orders, then we’d know where your D2 came from…

I doubt that it is fake - a fake product has mostly awful chinglish on it.

I would open it, make a photo of the PCB, mail it to NiteCore and wait.

Apparently not. There is/was a recall in the UK in regard to fake Nitecore D4 chargers, the only spelling mistake they mention is ‘Worldwidc Insurance’ on the box (note the c, not e), but given they mention spelling errors one would think if they were going to mention them, they would mention the wide spread use of Chinglish if it were present. However, those are fakes.

Mine does not have such an error on the box, but its not a D4, and their box is different so not much help.

Hello I have just purchased the nitecore intelli i4 from Gearbest —checked @ nitecore=Genuine Product.I have had a Great Service from this company and Highly recommend Gearbest.

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My D4 from Banggood doesn't have that or any other spelling mistakes but sliders are magnetic.

My D4 has magnetic sliders and it IS genuine and purchased from a trusted US seller.

If I was one end only that was not...not both. Please double check before some needless crap starts....again


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It seems like they have changed this...

Now only rails and positive contacts need to be non-magnetic.

But my D4 doesn't have Nitecore capacitors, but Fuxiang and Nichicon capacitors.

EDIT: but if you believe this

it's only for i4 2014 version.

You obviously haven’t seen the new and improved D8/ALL80 :bigsmile:

Hello Hank I needed a new charger and before I purchased one I did a Google search to get some information and found out about this site amongst lots of other’s.
As the title of this thread is asking if Gearbest are selling fake chargers? I thought I shall reply as I have just purchased one from them the one I purchased is Genuine so I returned here to give my view.
Maybe I have been busy today as for Official Site | Norton™ - Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software that is a Customer review site so I gave my review and yes if you look you will find more that is the IDEA of review sites.

Hello Halo…it may be hard to believe but Gearbest does have some HAPPY Customers so NO rule’s are broken. :wink:

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I went by the test on the Nitecore site as I read it so thats why I asked. I directly contacted Nitecore earlier than the thread for clarification but got no response. My sliders are likely not magnetic, havent pulled it down to test properly but my magnet appears not to stick. The positive end is not, the negative end is definitely magnetic.

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