IS: Info/Announcements: Quad and Triple XP Series 20mm Copper Direct Thermal Boards (7/3)

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Supbeam products?

they have nice prices but DHL shipping is killing the deal for me (~80 bucks for shipping = no thanks).

Nothing much…maybe some 1 mode brainless AMC7135 drivers.

custom modes upon order, i would love a 20-40-60-80-100 driver

I’d like the following:

Bare XM-L2 neutral 4500k emitters.
20mm AR coated glass lenses.

FFIV :stuck_out_tongue:

this reminded me: 54 mm x 3 mm thick AR coated glass lense please :slight_smile:

The problem with Calvin ordering 500pcs of MT-G2 is how most of us already loaded up from the GB and/or the I-O supply (my order was placed early this week).
It will be a long time before I need more of these monsters.
Someone mentioned the hi-CRI ones are too warm, and I agree. The 5000k ones have a great tint, I would not push it any warmer.
Edit: I forgot to make an actual suggestion. Access to 7136 chips and low voltage 40A+ MOSFETS for high a current driver would be interesting. Most of us try to load up on a lot of 7135 chips, when the job can be done with a 7136 and a decent MOSFET.
MOSFETS can be found on Digikey, but there is nothing wrong with one-stop shopping. :slight_smile:

90+ CRI XM-L2 was released. XM-L2s on direct thermal are out.

We looked into FF products a while ago but the manufacturer refused to allows us to distribute in the USA, instead opting to have us buy through one person.

We've just moved the majority of our things into the new office/warehouse :beer:. We'll be expanding our product selection shortly. Coming in right now are Armytek headlights.

I'd like to see the Sinkpad mounted Luxeon T as well (in a nice neutral tint with decent CRI), and the XP-G2 R2 4000/3750K 80CRI minimum.

Aww, those ArmyTek headlights missed me by a couple of days… I already ordered a Wizard Pro. :frowning:
I did snag one of those Viking X V2 at a great clearance price. Looking forward to that. I’ll show it to a couple of law enforcement friends, might have to order a few more :wink:
Keep em coming! Are you getting any of the new ArmyTek flashlights (v2.5 editions, Pro, etc)?

Pardon me for my comments… I think that China is the number one issue here. Either you try to specialize for a smaller market by trying to sell higher priced items and possibly offer repairs for them, or you try to compete in a global market, to have a larger market base, which I do not believe you can do. I personally would like to buy more from you and I seriously do feel guilty when I have to buy from China, but my pocket is my #1 guide on how and where I buy and it says low price or nothing, even when I don’t agree with it.

I cannot think of anything I would look for other than a larger offering of 5,000k leds and drivers.

80 CRI 3-step 3500k and 5000k versions would be great 0:)

Recently we've begun looking to carry cheaper flashlights, would people be interested if we picked up Supbeam, Convoy, or DQG?

I'm currently not in the market for any more flashlights, but I'd certainly jump on a stainless steel 18650 EDC.

Also, would be cool if you carried quad XPG/Nichia PCBs and optics, with or without emitters. ;)

Hi Calvin,
I like your shop and you have some really good prices in my opinion,
but the only thing which stop me to buy from you is the really hi cost for shipping to my country :frowning:
If you had half price or free shipping I am sure that many people will buying from you


Well it is not so expensive considering that you have premium post service + 5% blf coupon…

I recently ordered 25 pcs of XP-E2 to Europe(still waiting of course) and total cost appeared to be 3$ per piece…

You will not get a better offer for those anywhere in a world.

Hi Markos,

We would love to have cheaper international shipping, however the cost you see is pretty much what we pay and what the USPS charges us. If we offered free international shipping, depending on the weight of the product, it could cost us anywhere between $15-40. That combined with our coupon codes would leave us little wiggle room. Not to mention there have been instances of packages lost that we can't do anything about since First Class International does not offer tracking to many countries yet. We have considered the idea of making all International shipments require Priority but that would turn away many customers. Until the USPS fixes their exorbitant international shipping rates, it will be difficult for us to compete in the international market for larger items.


For 25 pcs (combined shipping), it’s ok, how if only 1 (flashlight) :shy:

May be retailer’s union must arrange demonstration :smiley:
Like many others, I’ll really like to buy from you if not because of that shipping cost. :frowning:
Hmm… they must consider, how much damage for economic because of this shipping cost.

How is it I have been here so long. Buy piles and piles of great treasure from IS and never heard this LOL. What is the blf discount code?