IS: Info/Announcements: Quad and Triple XP Series 20mm Copper Direct Thermal Boards (7/3)

Hey guys, I don't think we've ever opened up the possibility of product requests before, so here goes nothing. I'm interested in hearing about products you may want us to carry, or any general questions you may have. Generally speaking we've been sourcing products and components ourselves but it shouldn't hurt to hear some outside opinions. :)

Recent updates:

Made by Alexey ‘Dsche’ from the Russian ‘Fonarevka’ forum, these Quad and Triple 20mm Copper Direct Thermal boards are now available here.

20mm Copper Direct Thermal Triple XP Series MCPCB
20mm Copper Direct Thermal Quad XP Series MCPCB

Armytek Tiara Series Available

CREE XP-L Bare LEDs Available

Driver restock with better pricing:

8xAMC7135 (3.04A) (Selectable) Mode Driver (Nanjg 105c) $2.75
AX2002 1.5A Single Mode Buck Driver (Nanjg 106A) $2.00
4xAMC7135 (1.52A) 3/5 Mode Driver (Nanjg 101-AK-A1) $2.50


Any possibility of sourcing MT-G2 emitters on PCBs?

The H502w would be a good addition once available.

  • Those copper sinkpads I hear rumors you have.

  • NW xm-l2 & xp-g2 emitters

  • Qlite drivers

Retail bare MT-G2s look like they would run around $15 each. Cutter themselves are selling at $18. In order to compete we would have to buy at least 500 in a reel, and that's looking at a lot of money. If there's a market for it feel free to chime in and +1 to this suggestion :)

H502w has already been pre-ordered and awaiting ZebraLight.

Copper direct thermal is nearing completion.

We will have a standard structure in this format:

16mm 6500k 5000k 4000k starting with an XM-L2 release, possibly followed up with XP-G2 and so on.

4000k XM-L2s (T5, 5C1) are up now HERE.

What is the CRI of these emitters?
Are you going to stock any 90CRI?

how about some more flashlight brands in general? ie: sunwayman, fenix, Thrunite, ect.

Eagletac gx25a3 :slight_smile:
Specific enough? I want this light! (For less than 90 bucks)

Luxeon T emitters premounted on SinkPAD boards? These seem to be largely flying under the radar here and over at the other place.

Blurb from Philips:
“With Freedom from Binning and leading performance, LUXEON T emitters allow system optimization by blending the perfect combination of high efficacy and low system cost. With tight Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) control, LUXEON T ensures consistency in system color point.”

Sounds like they put out quality light. Even the 5000k version is 80CRI minimum.
Product Brief doc with info on efficacy, CRI, etc.

[quote=Ouchyfoot] What is the CRI of these emitters? Are you going to stock any 90CRI? [/quote]

Standard CRI, current release will not have 90 CRI yet.

We've looked into other brands like Fenix and Sunwayman, the market already seems saturated enough and China loves to undercut us :P

Gentleman's agreement with other retailers ;)

We're always looking into other emitters to bring to market. Unfortunately casting such a wide net requires major capital. With our currently lukewarm at best components sales, we decided to hit the relatively more mass market XML2 on direct thermal first before branching out.

Makes sense to me! Thanks for the quick reply :bigsmile:

Buck/boost drivers if you can find them or XM-L and XM-L2 at 3A


Are you taking compliments on this thread?

I placed an order with IS this past Sunday, and it arrived today. That’s like 3 days elapsed, from west to east coast, since the order was on a Sunday.

I don’t know how you do it, but you guys must some kind of hyper-jet shipping or something :)! And, this is not the 1st time either.

Contrast to another place I order from, just up north from where I am (well, about 200 miles), which typically (except for my last order) takes about 5 days.

I don’t know how you do that, but thanks!

The components are hard to find for these unfortunately :(

Hi ohaya,

Thanks for the compliment! However, we can't take credit for the shipping speeds of the USPS, that speed is completely their doing. We can, however, take credit for processing orders quickly, and accurately reporting that packages are ready for deployment to the post office instead of sitting around for 2-3 days. (Yes we often do package orders Friday night and send them out before the USPS closes Saturday morning.)

MT-G2 drivers, Hi CRI XM-L2.

i figured as much, do you know of any though, even if they are not widely available or no longer manufactured or stupidly expensive?

Regardless of flashlight, cost, manufacturer or vintage, if you know of any 17-22mm drivers that boost XML properly at 3A down to 3V on single 4.2V lithium cell, please post your knowledge to this thread.

finding that out was my goal in asking :wink: :beer:

Sorry, I think we had a slight communication barrier fart… but since you’re offering beer, let me return the favor. :beer: :beer:

no communication barrier, just great minds thinking alike :beer: :beer: :beer: