Is It Correct To Use or Buy 1mW, 5mW Laser Pointer Only?

Hey all friends,
I promise this is not an Ads, but I am just want to share my thoughts of laser pointers. I am quite confused why lots of people are using high powered laser pointers. Alongside those people who need powerful lasers for scientific research or experiment, some people are really very impolite to point laser pointers at other people at public, football play ground, or even pointing at flying aircraft. All of these behaviors are quite annoy and dangerous. There have been strict laws of purchasing high powered laser, but why there are still people who still use them in wrong way? I cannot understand why they like to do this?

I have found a low powered 1mW 460nm blue laser pointer online. I know it is not a good choice to use a laser pointer as a substance of traditional flashlight, but I have to admit that I really love the purest and intense laser beam of this blue laser. It is really very bright and enough for night targeting. Is it a correct thing for me to use this 1mW laser pointer as my projector at night? Please give me some advice, Thank you in advance.

First off you didn’t find a 1mW 460nm laser since those don’t exist. More likely you found a 1W (1000mW) 445nm laser which is blue. Second, pointing a laser at an aircraft is a federal crime no matter the power of it. Pointing it at humans is also a crime but I don’t think they punish as hard as an aircraft. You also can’t point them at vehicles, animals, etc…… the reason why people do this is because they are uneducated and don’t know that the “5mW” laser they bought is really 50mW and very dangerous.

If you are interested in lasers then I suggest you come over to and check it out. Yes there are a few of us laser enthusiasts over here but that whole site is dedicated to lasers, its the BLF of lasers :slight_smile:

Also its not illegal to buy a laser over 5mW if its done the proper way. The whole laser thing has many misconseptions and those idiotic kids you mentioned are the reason us laser enthusiasts get a bad wrap!!!

Sorry let me specify, you may have found a 1mW 460nm online but that like all the other “5mW” lasers are a lie. 460nm do exist but they are not in that power, most all blues are in the 400mW and up range. Except when you get to exotics like 473nm which can go down to the single digits but also will cost you around $400.

Anyways, post a link to the laser you found and ill point out all the lies in the ad and also see if the seller is a trusted one or one of the scammers

And always remember to promote usage of safety goggles when lasering! :wink:

My friend recommend this 1mW blue laser pointer for me. It projects only a tiny but bright light spot on wall at night. The blue laser beam is not obvious if it goes far.

I have done a lot for reading of laser hazards. It is no kidding to point laser pointer at other people or animals.
Laser goggles is quite necessary to project eyes.

405nm is a lot cheaper. I wouldn’t say you need goggles to play with a 1mw laser, just don’t point it somewhere stupid like your eyes.

That’s the thing, they are not true 1 mW lasers. A 5mW ebay laser will meter at 50-120mW. Every laser pen I’ve bought has been over spec

That 405nm from dx will easily……I mean EASILY be 70-120mW. Bith min are 85 and 105 respectively

Btw that 460nm Is a rip off. Dont buy it

Yeah, there are a lot of people doing foolish things with lasers out there. In the U.S., they crack down pretty hard. Check out this.

Lasers have to be handled rather differently (safely) as compared to flashlights. Unfortunately, a considerable number who know how to buy one also point them at people and aircraft. It’s like having a sharpened walking stick; safe if used at home or pointed downwards when walking outside but not when waved around wildly in a crowd outside. Several Nordic countries have already written to the European Commission to clamp down on lasers : HERE

I merely use laser pointer, but I can only accept low powered laser less than 5mW.

It is seriously dangerous once pointed at eyes. I learnt a lot of safety information from wikipedia. Laser safety is really very important.

Never try to point a high power laser unless you have totally understanding safety information of lasers. I am reading laser safety knowledge online.

Wikipedia is never a source of safety information. I could go on there and edit the whole page to say lasers are safe to point at eyes etc……wikis are a joke for actual knowledge, good for getting a general idea on a subject

How can 1mW laser pointer reach high power of 50-120mW? That’s horrible.

How can a chinese company list a flashlight as 1200 lumen and it only do 400 lumen? Its china they don’t follow any rules. They are not FDA approved so they can’t legally sell them in the USA. Hoe do they get around the law; label them as under 5mW, that’s how. They are not really 5mW or 1mW in your case, but that’s what they say so that’s what buyers believe. Its the biggest problem with lasers. People think they are safe and point them at humans or aircrafts and then the rest of us laser enthusiast get a bad rep and more laws placed on us.

Don’t fall into the trap and become a laser idiot. Visit and educate yourself on lasers……please for the sake of the rest of us and for everyone’s safety.

Have you already bought this laser pointer? Do you own it now? Yes 460nm is a unusual wavelength for a laser, usually only available in OPSL (optically pumped semiconductor laser) or possibly DPSS. Yes the coherence & purity of laser light is beautiful to look at. 460 is a very nice color. My personal favorite is 488nm (an argon line) bluish-green or cyan) .
You were indeed wise to start with a class II 1 mw laser (hopefully it is that, and not too over powered, although up to 5mw is considered low power too. You seem to be aware of the inherent dangers of laser light, so that is a very good start. We usually recommend laser safety goggles (most are wavelength specific) but in your case it would block most of the light. Just remember never point it at any living being , including those in vehicles, aircraft etc. Enjoy your laser!
As far as the reputaton of the seller, I’ve had no experience with them, so I cant comment about that.

Steve (steve-o on - a laser enthusiast’s forum)

I bet you its either a 445nm mislabeled or a Osram PL450B that is labeled at the max of the spectrum.

1mW blue laser seems quite unusual and is safe to use. I know less about 488nm laser. I will find some pics on google image of this special laser.