is it good the y-start bear?

is it good the y-start bear? Its steel is really ats34?
Why is much more expensive than its brother in aus8 y-start wooden? (Much nore beautiful than the bear in my opinion)


Edit: Is this the one?

Yes it is.

There’s also this one for $45, very good looking and versatile with the upper part of the blade serrated near the tip.
As for the ATS-34, who knows, like all the steels that are claimed - without analysis in a laboratory there’s no way of knowing the actual make-up of the steel so it comes down to best guesses. I’m not saying that it isn’t ATS-34 but Y-Start has more knives made from AUS-8 and only two that I can find in ATS-34, personally I think that if the claimed 62 Hrc is correct it might be a bit prone to chipping with hard use. Again without a set of hardness files it is near impossible to tell the true hardness.

One thing is for sure, Y-Start have some interesting knives on the market that don’t appear to be copies of anything, a good thing in terms of sales to those who feel uneasy buying clones/copies.
I’ve got a folder from them in the post, unusual to have G-10 bolsters with Micarta scales.

I think that the only way to go is order the knife that appeals to you and use it to see if it meets your needs.

Hi!. That sword fish knife i saw some years ago, but i saw for 28 to 35$, that is expensive. I like ten aus8 wooden ystar too but … And this ystart bear costs 22$, it is strange than it is so cheap if we compare like its brothers, and it is ats34…

I was finding fixed knives with the quality of srm, enlan, ganzo… at budget price but, really chineses do not like make it. I have tested the colt ct343 and the buck 480 is incomming. I do not think the ct343 have the quality of the folders i have on fit and finish…

There’s another fixed blade you might be interested in - Webley and Scott make decent guns but I don’t know about the knives, obviously made in China but that can be a good thing. Whether someone stole the name or it’s an OEM over-run it looks good and the 7Cr17MoV steel is probably genuine. Not a bad price either.
It’s part of the “11/11 shopping festival” so if you add it to your cart and buy on 11/11 you get 30% off. Not sure how that works but if it does I might be tempted.

Yes, not a bad price, it is cheap and with typical steel from China, well, not somtypical but tekut uses a lot. But do not catch my eye very much… The ystart wood like me more :smiley:
Thanks Steve!.

Wow, well, I know this thread is super old, but I just bought one of these and was doing some research on it, hoping to find that it’s not a fake of anything else. That whole “Bear” thing made me think of a Bear Grylls knife copy. It doesn’t appear to be so, however, from what I can tell. There’s just not much out there on it. I do worry, though, that this thread being so old and me just now buying one from one of those Chinese shopping sites, DHGate, is mine maybe a used one? New old stock? Or are they truly still producing these?

In any case, I got it a couple days ago and it appears of decent quality. The guard is clearly just glued on, so I’ll be careful around that piece. But it does seem to be of solid construction and one piece, thus a full tang knife. It came super sharp out of the box and I’m actually quite impressed. As I have been with every knife I buy from these questionable Chinese retailers.

I do my best not to knowingly but fakes, but I can’t know every independent knife brand out there, and I’ve gotten at least 1 that I now know is a fake. But as an overall, the quality of these Chinese made knives isn’t too bad, especially when considering how little they cost in comparison.

Anyway, I’m new to the forum and new to knife collecting. I’ve tried another forum but they have zero tolerance of purchasing from these sites. So it looks like maybe this place will work. Besides, I like flashlights as well and have a few of those. So maybe you fellas can aid me in my searches as I get back into them as well.

Well, some thread you may like here:

Welcome to BLF!
Only on thing: beware, the Budget in the name is just a decoy and you’ll end bankrupt if you don’t care of your wallet, with lights and knives :smiley:

Well thank you very very much for your warm greeting. And don’t you worry about me, I know all too well about what collecting things does to ones back account.

I’ve collected guns, watches, flashlight, lighters, pens, knives, and a few other randoms, in my time. I’m well aware and prepared, but I appreciate the warning nonetheless!

Thanks also for the links. You rock!