Is it possible to connect an iphone 4s to a PC without itunes?

I’m trying to help my daughter by downloading a zillion pics from her new iphone to a PC, and it says ‘usb device not recognized’. Do I need to install itunes on that computer? Please tell me no, I think it’s a dreadful program (I don’t like anything apple, rant over). I just want to connect the phone and drag the pics out of it…it shouldn’t be this difficult. I’ve tried two computers and different USB ports with the same result. Any suggestions besides getting a Galaxy Note 2? hahaha


People seem to be having luck using this method.
I had a jail broke iphone switched to a rooted Galaxy. I prefer the Galaxy.

something is wrong with phone, the computer is not recognizing it. Try another cable also.

Thanks for the suggestions, I was able to get the pc to recognize the phone, and found that you had to unlock it before it was connected to the pc…then the folders and pics appeared.

it is much better to download the pictures to a program in the computer other than itunes, because you cant do anything with them in itunes like manage or sort them.

How did you unlock it?

I assume soytnly is simply referring to being anywhere but the lock screen.

Yes, but if you are looking for an unlock for your iphone I would start searching around for an IMEI unlock.

Yes but that doesn’t have anything to do with getting pictures onto the computer, just using the phone on different carriers. I’m pretty sure you can still do that in the process of jailbreaking if needed. I’m not really current on this stuff because I left Apple products a couple years back.

I changed the settings to eliminate the screen lock/password…make sure it’s turned on before connecting it to the pc and you should be ok.

Yeah, it has nothing to do with getting things on the computer, but since he asked "How did you unlock it" I'm guessing he was talking about that rather than how to slide a sliding bar that says "Slide to Unlock". ;) However, no you can't unlock that way anymore, Snowbreeze only works on 3GS and before if they have the older baseband.

So if you do that you can see the folders? Can you add mp3s (drag&drop) for the software to recognize or that is possible only with Itunes?

Don’t know about older iPhones. But with my iPhone 5, I can actually download pics and videos shot with the phone to my computer. In fact, that seems to be the one and only thing I can do with the phone WITHOUT using iTunes. Not sure why the phone isn’t recognized, though. Maybe a bad sync cable?