Is moneybookers always this bad? (experience with DinoDirect)

I guess this is semi OT but payment processors are part and parcel of dealing with budget dealers so hopefully it's okay.

I attempted to buy a US$95 gift card from DinoDirect. I know PayPal tends to have good protection for buyers, but since I'm buying a gift card, there's not much protection that can be offered. Also I have some USD balance on my PayPal account and will prefer to keep it for other purposes, but PayPal forces you to use balance (I've heard you can send it to some email you own and don't collect to hide the balance for a while but that's a bit annoying). I didn't trust Dinodirect's payment processor which appears to be owned by them and uses a hotmail address as their point of contact. So I decided to use Moneybookers. I used it once or twice before for small value transactions but never paid much attention.

After I finally managed to log in (I forgot Moneybookers seem to reject my password even though it complies with their requirements), I chose to add credit card rather then use my balance (I had a small balance in NZD I'm not sure from where) and tried to make payment. I got some useless error message. To my surprise, I found my balance in Moneybookers had gone up in NZD by about NZ$117. I tried to make payment again using this balance but it failed saying the transaction had already been executed.

Is this the way Moneybookers is supposed to work with a credit card? Or did something go majorly wrong in my case? I know when I first tried to pay, Dinodirect had several options for Moneybookers (pay with balance, pay with Visa or Mastercard) but this seemed to disappear when I tried to pay from the account.

I thought they would work the same as PayPal, they take the money directly from your credit card in USD (or they give you the option to choose) and if it fails, the transaction is never processed/cancelled. I definitely did not expect they would add the money to my account. Furthermore, as I understand it they charge fees to add funds too. I'm also not too happy about it being NZD (although at least it means if they reverse the transaction I won't lose out money) as from my experience I get better exchange fees with my CC provider (at least with PayPal).

I've looked in the help, and I don't really understand if this is how things are supposed to work, some info seems to suggest you need to add funds, other says you can use a direct credit card transaction. I've asked Moneybookers support but from what I've read, they may take a week to respond. I'm thinking of just paying with PayPal and then trying to convince Moneybookers to reverse the transaction/give me back my money they are holding random in my Moneybookers account, without charging any fees.

P.S. I should add at no time did Moneybookers tell me what they were going to charge to my CC, the only thing I ever saw was the USD. I do hope they haven't done something totally stupid like charged my CC in USD then converted it back to NZD and added it to my account.