Is my Klarus G20 a Chinese clone ??

I bought a Klarus g20 off eBay and it came all boxed up and works great and seems perfect Klarus quality apart from I noticed the side switch is different to and YouTube videos of the g20 I have seen in fact it’s the same as the switch on the g10 and g20l but not the other g20’s ? I’m thinking it’s not a genuine Klarus as I haven’t seen any others with this switch endles I’m mistaken , is there a way to tell if it’s non genuine ?

How do I add photos on here of it from my iPhone ?

doubt it is fake, why would someone fake such a unique light?

also none of what i see on ebay is very cheap, so again it is probably real

just guessing


Ok thanks how do I upload a photo from my iPhone ?

racoon city gave you the link already ;)

China is WELL KNOWN to Bootleg EVERYTHING. I collect toys, and other things. These guys have ” guts ” to bootleg so well. Unless real collectors will not know difference.

Could it be the Klarus lights are all made in China, and sometimes the assembly line just overruns a little bit past the ordered quantity, using whatever odd parts are laying around to produce a batch of cheap surplus/knockoffs?

Let me google that:

I've the same question about my G20 that I've just received today and something just wasn't looking right... I just didn't knew what it was.

That being until I've noticed the different (round) side switch bezel and other small details...

Flashlight was bought from AliExpress: KLARUS G20 USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight 3000 Lumens LED Dual Switch Lantern LED Torch Flashlight Latarka Handheld Linterna

So... beware..

Side switch - round bezel, (instead of square with rounded corners) made of Aluminum (?), flush button cap instead of a convex shape, hollow cheap feel and kinda "wiggly"..

Anodizing - Looks more like paint and comes off quite easily, like... paint. Came with some small scratches from the get go. Just like it's the case with exfoliated paint on a badly prepared surface.

Tail switch - decent feel but kinda stiff and hard to press - wouldn't notice that if not looking for something, would probably just assume that it's the way it should be (idk... maybe it actually is.. :| )

Body battery compartment - about ~1.5mm of play between the battery and the body I'd say - Isn't that just a little bit excessive ? Idk..

Tail cap - so tightly fit that I wasn't able to unscrew it with all my force and the help of rubber pads and using some pliers (handles side) as leverage, squeezing as hard as I could

USB cable - looks cheap as chips as any other "5 at 1$ deals" made in China...

LED - Looks like an XHP70.2 while the original (?) should be using the older XHP70... :| (?)

Boost - lasts for 10 seconds sharp before stepping down, no matter what..

Font on head below the charging port - much bigger and plain different than the original seen everywhere on the internet sources, reviews, etc.


Oh man... just realized... my G20 has 4 brightness levels AND Turbo.. So instead of Low 15LM, Mid 160LM, Hi 650LM and Turbo 3000LM, I have Low, Mid, Hi, Extra Hi (?) and Turbo :|


Ok, some pictures then.. ?

Look up the Klarus G20L. That side switch is from the G20L, it also uses an XHP70.2. Looks like maybe an updated G20 version from Klarus


Blame it on the subcontractor who stocked the parts bin.

I suppose I'll need to contact Klarus with a serial number and some other details to see what is what..

Yes,that does indeed look like the G20L switch, but still.. that's kinda shoddy. Also I don't understand the different emitter type and different modes. Not that I would complain about such upgrades if that is actually the case but what I'm worried it's that those aren't upgrades/changes of a newer revision but just tells that it's not the real product from Klarus. Anothertthing I can't understand, is what's going on with the tail cap not being able to unscrew it no matter what. Looks like it's welded in place or glued on. So far this is my first Klarus light, but in comparison, the quality looks questionable and of a lower standard than even my Sofirn lights, which supposedly are of a budget brand..

hey there and my first post here. OP, looks like you have an updated G20. check out klarus website and they updated the emitter and it says XHP70.2 P2 but the picture of the light still the old one. also, from looking at your pics above. your emitter is 70.2! you have 2 dots on the corner

i ordered one from amazon yesterday and i hope ill get the same one as yours!

Hi. Does it also specifies 4 + 1 modes instead of the 3 + 1 that is on the old (?) version ? Anyways, I've got a full refund for mine from AliExpress under the suspicion of counterfeit. Also because I had to damage the thing to get the tail cap off.. which was glued with epoxy - old one isn't..(?)

Now that is truly weird.

Does it still have push and hold to turn off? If not, I’d prefer the clone.

Mine surely does. And yes I hate that as well, the UI is plain stupid as far as I I'm concerned.

Here’s mine. Freshly delivered by amazon
Look at the box as labeled 70.2 and manual says V2-2018

Can you open the tail cap on yours, or is it glued with the blue epoxy as well ? If so, I would rather have the original one which had unlocked threads. Greased, if anything..

Glued tailcap. Also, im reading your post about “boost” are you talking about momentary mode? Yes it will stay 12 secs thats how they designed it. But if its manually put in turbo it will stay on turbo for a long time as advertised.