Is Nitecore P20UV a good choice if I want a light with UV output?

Currently looking at Nitecore P20UV for a light with UV output so I can use it to check my currencies, etc.

Would it be a good choice? I understand it’s in 365nm wavelength.

My concern is that the price is a little on the high side, not exactly ‘budget’. I would appreciate any input from all of you for suggestions on other UV lights.


Before spending the $$$ on a Nitecore, you might want to consider trying something like this, not quite ideal, but much cheaper:

...reviewed here:

You might want to consider building your own P60 drop-in using something like this reflowed onto a 16mm star:

Thanks keltex78 for the suggestion! The wavelength is more than 365nm, and some fluorescent details might be lost? Would there be too much visible light?

To my understanding, that Nitecore has a very descent UV-led. There are cheaper end better options if you consider building one yourself (or get someone to build it) using the Ledengin LZ1 365nm led or the Nichia NCSU 276A 365nm led.

p60 dropin with LedEngin LZ1 UV

Okay thanks all for help, any other suggestions?

Real budget is the Convoy s2 uv, $16.50 at Banggood:

Expect some dim white-ish light as a side-effect, but the 365nm output should be ok.

That's cheap! Do you know what LED is used? is it the same as the one from ?

This is good, but there’s white light as you said. Would want one with just 365nm.

Thanks UPz for the nice review :slight_smile:

I don't think you would find any without some white light. Nichia seems to be the one with the least white.

What is it for?

If you want pure UV, you could try a short pass lens or a band pass lens. Just give me two minutes to find links.

Band pass: A lens/gel that lets a certain wavelength (band) of light through.

An example is Rosco - scroll down to #33660 Double Coated UV Pass

Cutof/Edgepass (shortpass for UV): A lens/gel that cuts of at a certain wavelength.

Several examples here

no, it is a different one, but it being chinese and budget, don't expect miracles from it. There are no reports yet on BLF of someone who has one, I just spotted three crappy youtube videos this afternoon (search for convoy s2 uv).

FL user reported his convoy UV light from BG failed within the first hours minutes of usage.

Thanks djozz.

And thanks for the link UPz! Had to run it through google translate. But I for sure will think twice before buying a Convoy s2 uv now :-)

I thought this was recommended for use in a P60 light? Just needs to run 2 cells for best performance, might be better with 3, but I recall 2 being the way it was recommended.

IIRC, not much in the way of white light to pollute it either.

I have the Convoy S2 from Banggood. After 30 minutes of use it is still working. However, comparing to the kaidomain one: , it appears to have longer wavelength. For instance, red square on Windows XP license sticker is clearly visible in KD light, while pretty pale in BG one. However, the fluorescence on white paper is much bigger with Convoy, so I guess it gives much more UV, just with longer wavelength. Wild guess is about 380 nm peak wave.