Is there a better choice than the Nitecore D4?

Hello to all AND Thanks for helping! I currently have the D4 and it serves me well. However, I am looking to buy another charger that does all that the D4 does (also handles 26650’s) as a gift, and would like to make sure there isn’t another charger out there that may be a better choice for a similar investment of $25 or there abouts. I am open to spending more if it is a worthwhile investment :THUMBS-UP:

I still fall into the amateur category so any “high-tech” $$$ units are not required although it would be nice to have one, but again, I am hoping to buy something at least as good as the D4 but will gladly buy a better product for another $10 or so.

Thanks again for your help O:)

PS, I really need to find more time to stay current in these forums! Soooo much going on with soooo little time :UGHH:

Look at the XTAR VC4 for a good four cell charger. I upgraded from my i4 to the VC4, and am glad I did. If you want a nice two cell charger look at the VP2. It allows selectable voltage so one can charge LiFePO4 or 4.3v cells as well as normal 4.2v. It will also let you use the cell in the second slot as a power bank if desired.

For $25 look at the liito Kala 500 has 1 amp charging in all 4 bays. Abd lower currents if you want. And is a analyzing charger you can run test to see the condition of your batteries as they age. Vc4 is nice if you don’t need to be able to analzye batteries. Or need 4 bays at 1 amp. Xstar does make quality chargers. There’s also the efest 4 luc charger

I’m planning to buy a LiitoKala 500 soon myself, but it has a lot of options to wade through, it might not be a good fit for a novice.

I generally prefer Xtar chargers vs Nitecore, but the D4 is a decent choice too.

Choose a battery charger with same care you decide on a flashlight and battery (batteries) it uses. The three together make up the Trialogue of of good lighting. :slight_smile:

Go with the Liitokala lii-500 boys. 1amp on all 4 channels plus testing options. :THUMBS-UP:

I got mine for $15 from the official Liitokala store on AliExpress. At least that’s what it says on the storefront.
The $15 one comes without wall charger. You can use most any 2amp wall chargers. Most people have a
few of those laying around from other electronic devices.

Thank you all for helping. After careful consideration I have decided to go with the LiitoKala 500. It is a little more complicated to use than the others suggested and the D4, but the benefits it offers (once learned) I believe are going to be well worth it :THUMBS-UP:

Lately, for some reason my purchased items have been mostly thru Gearbest, with great success, so that is where I just now ordered the charger before posting my update here. (I have to add that I have been fortunate with all my over-seas purchases whether thru GB or BG or A-Express) The final price was only $18.17 after using some of my GB points that have been available for some time now. Actually it is the first time I have used any points I have had available, and I have to say they are a welcome discount :wink:

Thanks again for helping, your input is greatly appreciated!!!


I just got the Liitokala Lii-500 yesterday for $15.00 without the power supply. So far I’m really liking it except it’s hard getting 18650’s out when all 4 bays are being used. I guess I’m used to my Xtar chargers

tempting I love the Lii300 and for $15 the Lii500 seems very high value for money.
yeah ill order one, thanks.

Try folding a piece of paper into a strip and placing it under one cell when you put it in the charger. Then when you wish to take the cells out, use the ends of the paper strip to pull that cell out. Once you have one cell out, it should be easier to get at the rest. If it isn’t, use a strip for each cell.

LiitoKala at AliExpress appears in several different pages


“$15 in Russian, says 40% off retail

Don’t know if there are any added charges, can’t read Russian

“$16.13 in English, says 5% off retail.,searchweb201602_5_10056_10065_10055_10068_10067_10054_10069_10059_10073_10017_10070_10060_10061_10052_10062_10053_10050_10051,searchweb201603_6&btsid=5cf97ffa-c997-40d6-a62a-31ee70c92c18

I would recommend a ribbon type material.

placed it in cart from link above (think it was Russian) then click : go to global site
and then info can be read in English

Here’s where I got mine for $15 without power supply. I ordered mine September 14th, I received it yesterday


Hey thanks! sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

GB provided the US wall plug plus the 12 volt adapter. Overall a nice price.

Also for what it is worth regarding using paper or ribbon, which is a great idea, I am wondering if the user is having trouble by trying to grab the batteries from the side instead of at the top end (positive side). Personally, when I am putting a battery in or taking one out, I simply put my finger tip or finger nail between the positive connection and press the battery towards the negative end and slowly tilt it up and out. Of course I slowly let the negative contact return to its home position without slamming home.

If fingers are still too big for this, be sure to place the ribbon or paper at the positive end and be ready to secure the battery as it is lifted so the negative contact does not slam home. This is just a thought, considering it is a somewhat delicate instrument and not a jack hammer designed for abuse :FACEPALM: Again, this is just a thought that may help your charger last longer without any unintentional abuse.

I hope this helps

2 amp 12v wallwarts are a LITTLE uncommon though
i ordered the one without and have a 1.5 A supply, will prob be ok, i do not plan to charge anything at 1A

Hey guys,

I bought the aliexpress one for $15. I’d rather buy that separate + get a native AU wall charger, than use an adapter. Would this one be suitable?

I’ve been using a lii-500 since February and have been very happy with it.

I’m not sure why people are stating that it could be complicated for a novice. For a novice, you just put the cell in and walk away… come back later and it is charged.

I almost never bother charging faster than 500ma because I’m never in that much of a rush. I’ve never bothered with the test functions. So I would say that for a novice this is a great charger for the money.

PLUS - $11.32 for shipping = $26.32 total*