Is there a BLF Discount on the Courui at GearBest?

Is $32.07 the best price, or is there an additional coupon?

Wow.. never seen it so cheap..! even before any discount coupon

edit: just tried all the coupons from this link:

and they will all increase the price! not decrease

I guess it’s the best price, unless they make lower special offer for BLF. There are some coupons for GB but they work off the original price and end up being higher than without any coupon.

Their ad use to say "T6" bin, but maybe they changed it after seeing this post. Low enough priced to make it worth upgrading the emitter to the latest and greatest.

Hmm, bought one on my own recommendation, Ha

interesting, i have never seen the for that price.
used one of my $10 discounts+ points, got the light for $12 shipped NL post. I have been waiting for this light to go on sale.

Is this a good light for the price? Does it have good build quality?

I'd say it's a very good light for the price. I got my from KD. Supposed to have the XM-L2 U2 emitter, but is $6 more. Nice big, high quality reflector, decent matching, fit and finish. Anodized threads everywhere except pill to head and battery tube to head. Clean, no grease or dirt from the factory. Only wish they were 3S (instead of 3P cells) with a buck driver.

Ask M4D M4X or _the_, they should have a contact for GB coupons.

Yes, there is now: For $29.99

(Special notice: Before this special deal was finalized, about 4 orders were made at the old price. To avail of the new, reduced price, please cancel your order by sending Dora a pm or email ( and order anew and use the “gbcourui” promotion code to get the $29.99 new price.)


Yep, I bought one at the new price!