Is there a budget knife forum anywhere?

Are there any forums out there with a sizable number of budget knife enthusiasts?

Most forums that I’ve come across aren’t really into SRM type of knives but it seems that there would be such a (active) forum somewhere.

What we have here is as close to a budget knife forum that I've run across . Bladeforum is down on chinese clones and budget knives in general , British Blades is a little more budget friendly , but I believe this is the best place for information .

I agree with jacktheclipper. This forum has some good insight on budget knives. I just recently(about three weeks) started checking out the high quality Chinese knives and started checking the resources out there, then googling model numbers.

Talk about budget knives in the other forums is mostly limited to particular threads. This was a good one that is about two years in length. Britishblade forum It was interesting to read and see the reaction by knife-aholics as they discovered the Sanrenmu, Enlon and Ganzo type knives.

I also read through this thread from beginning to end and watched all of our local flashaholics frenzy on budget knives. good thread

I bet you already know about the thread links that I posted though.

I also did a lot of YouTubing.

It all started for me with the Ganzo G710 that I recieved a couple of weeks ago. I now have six more knives on order.

I think it is time for this latest obsession to be nipped in the bud.

This forum is the best of what I’ve seen. Other forums are huge snobs about blade steel and use of knives. They don’t really understand collections. They buy really good blade steel knifes, use it for a few months. Then when a better/cooler looking one comes out, they buy that. When, unless you’re cutting boxes all day long, you don’t need great blade steel. And if you can find a knife that is reliable and won’t fall apart the first use, budget knives are cool!

Yeah, I like this forum for information. When I’ve posted a specific question I’ve gotten great info (and I use YouTube as well).

I don’t see a lot of interest or discussion here though otherwise. Sometimes I’ll buy a bunch of knifes and briefly talk about the good and bad features that I’m noticing and there doesn’t seem to be much interest.

There aren’t many new threads related to knives here these days (it seems to me). I’m certainly not talking about leaving here. I was just interested to learn if there were more active posts anywhere regarding budget knives.

Most of the one’s as noted are where people are complaining about budget knives and are only interested in more expensive knives.

There’s a lot of that going on everywhere, regardless of what the items are.
Most people incorrectly associate a high priced item as being “top quality ” !

Yes, I agree and they also get all caught up in not being made in the U.S. and copying and all that like there’s a whole lot of research that goes into these knives! There’s only so many blade design and handles designs :slight_smile:

The online info on some of these knives is limited. For instance the Sanrenmu 6261 that I see that you(gcbryan) own is one that I have ordered. There is nothing on this knife other than here on these forums. I purchased it based on Budgeteers excellent review. It looks like an awesome knife.

I think the budget knife data on these boards will draw more and more people. Most google searches that I have done have led me back to here. We are the pioneers of budget knife information.

Personally, I am not really aware of the finer points of knives 8), but I am learning. My knife knowlege consists of: Go to Walmart(or equivelent) and buy the knife that catches my eye > use it, abuse it and try to keep it sharp > lose it > go to Walmart and buy the knife that I have been eyeballing > use it, abuse it and try to keep it sharp > lose it…. well you get the idea. I have been doing this for about 40 years now, buying a new one around every five years or so.

My knowledge of knives is not extensive either but as I get each new knife I see features that I either like or don’t care for and that perhaps weren’t on any of my other knives.

I now am appreciating it when liner lock knives have a side cutout for the thumb to be able to easily press against the side of the liner. Most of my knives don’t have that. One or two do to varying degrees. The SRM 160G is best in that regard.

Been lurking around for a while and finally signed up when I found all these knife posts… My other sickness. Might as well make it an official sub-forum since this thread establishes there is little competition in this area.

Enjoy your stay here, GTP2K1!


I agree. A few of my Chinese knives have need some material removed from the scale to make it work better for me. A quick dremel session and they are fine.

Beware, You get some right odd ones on that forum :slight_smile:

Happy New year Jack

Some knife forums are downright rude when you mention a Chinese made knife. I had not kept up with knives for years, and at that time the SMR 710 was running only a couple of dollars plus shipping and I asked about it. It is a copy of an expensive knife by a US custom maker, and when I asked about it I was almost cursed out.

I will stick with this one where there are no snobs about knives or flashlights.:slight_smile: