Is There A "Search" Box In BLF?

I’m new here & was wondering if there is a “search” box in all or individual forums?

You can search all of BLF, but you cannot search individual subforums.

top left
every page

Ok….Thank you.

Upper left corner of the pages… you should see “Search”

If you don’t see a white rectangular text entry box under the word “Search” turn off any tool that blocks Google ads, they’re related

Thanks again.

uppe rleft i got nothing if i use chrome browser only in explorer

this forum funcitons in general very poor compare to other forums i found

the "search within thread" is i great feature too ! ;)

Hey, Welcome to BLF!

M4DM4X is right, searching within thread is outstanding, you an search for terms or even terms used by a specific BLFer!