Is there anything better then XP-G3's in 3535 LED's now?

I was referring to 20A input since that is what actually matters for a boost driver.

That said, yeah, I would run a 20A @ 6a output if I could, I would have to use an XHP70.2 to handle it but boy would it be fun for the 10 seconds until it got hot lol.

My vote too. I have two FW3A, the XP-L Hi and the SST-20. XP-L Hi is a ton brighter and still has a great beam minus the CRI of course. If I wanted max output from a triple with good tint and some throw that’s my pick. I’ve tried the 3A 5000k and the 4C 4500k ones.

Yeah, most forget about it but I really like it, the fins actually help more then you would think and combined with a copper spacer for the triple it can really absorb some heat on turbo before stepping down.

The 319A is a decent LED, a bit floody is the only reason I never used them much and at the time they didn’t have many good tints.

The XP-L HI was my go to LED for quite awhile until I caught the CRI bug. They are still a good LED for sure but the lack of high cri options caused me to kinda bypass them.

on 18350 IMR, my Jetbeam rotary with

triple LH351d 3500k 9050, sliced, makes 595 lumens, (at start)

that is only 18% more lumens than my:

triple 219b 3500k 9080, that makes 505 lumens, (at start)

slicing the LH351d lowers the duv about 0.0030, which will put tint slightly below the BBL, and drops CCT by about 500 points

You can’t unsee the lack of R9… the temptation of lumens strikes often, but I’m married now LOL.

Honestly a sliced 90 CRI 351D sounds like where you should stop next. The 5000K from MTN I sliced and put in a YooToo SD2 that the better half now owns is really a beauty. Virtually no corona and great daytime CCT/duv. Throw in a 3500 with it and you should be flying high.

LOL, so true. I purposely never turn on my 9080 lights anymore as it makes everything else look bad for days afterwards.

I am planning on ordering some 351D’s for testing, just think I will test them before committing to them this time around.

There is a wide variation in duv for different bins of LH351C/D, but slicing them always lowers the duv and temp, and makes them significantly more throwy than stock.

Here is some test data a user on r/flashlights got on results from slicing the domes with various thickness washers as guides…

Did you see loneoceans new Lume X1 driver? That seems like a driver that almost meets your requirement!

For led, this is a newer led but I am not sure how it compares with other leds since I have not seen it before in a flashlight

There is data and discussion in this thread.

They would be okay for a muggle light with a regulated driver and a frosted/pebbled TIR. Otherwise they are DOA for us I think. Maybe in a D18 or MF01 they’d be good, but that’s really stretching it. I have 90 CRI versions that are to arrive in late April, but I’m already wishing I could cancel the unshipped units.

Contactcr did a few test on several different binned LH351D’s and posted them here.

My favoorite is the SPHWHTL3DA0GF4UPP6 90 cri he tested from Digikey.

Shave it for a tighter beam and lower duv with slightly lower cct.
They are still available at Digikey
If you prefer 4500k I would suggest 90 cri 5000k shaved or dome on for more output.
Couldn’t tell you which bin is best as most of mine came from AEDe group buy with a good tint.
I have seen over 1000 lumens in a 16340 single led light with a little over 3 amps using a 5000k 90cri LH351D with dome.
Pretty sure that one was what we call the dogfarts bin
The dogfarts bin seem to have been a popular bin as I have seen it pop a few times here.
I prefer shaved for the tighter beam and better tint but if your lumen hunting leave the dome on. :wink:

Has anyone tested the DUV in Convoy’s LH351D 5700k?

Here and here

Yeah, I saw that driver, I am always a fan of Loneoceans drivers. It is really close to what I want but the 40w limit is just a bit lower then ideal. My XP-G3 setup was pulling over 60w+. I could make 40W work I suppose (or possibly jack the output a bit) but then there is the issue of it not being a 17mm driver and I don’t know of a 21700 triple EDC host.

Thank you Mr. JaredM. I agree unfortunate that it seems like this led has bad tint shift. Hopefully may be Cree or Samsung will make some new update to the led soon, like XPG4.

This is a bit confusing to me. I think I understand that people like 'turbo' mode. But when I think about it, normal house bulb (led) is already 8 to 15W. I find it a bit interesting we expect 60W from small hand held flashlight like single 21700 light, because it will never sustain 60W for more than few seconds before it begin to overheat, then the sustained output is maybe 5W. Maybe 60W make more sense for big flashlight with many battery.

For my opinion, I think I prefer maybe less 'turbo', but then better sustain output and runtime. As example, 7W for 2hr with 40W turbo and Anduril is better for me, than 5W for 2hr with 60W turbo. Boost driver make it possible to do series tint mixing led. This is something I am curius to try. I think Loneoceans say he was trying to build a flashlight with 21700 with triple led PCB on the Lume X1 page.

People underestimate how long a well built EDC can handle turbo. I did quite a bit of testing on mine and I could easily run turbo for 90-120 seconds before it got too hot for me. I found this to be ample for the vast majority of situations that I needed turbo as I would step down to a lower mode once I had scanned longer ranges to see what was out there.

With a 21700 version of my EDC I could easily see that turbo time increasing to 120-180 seconds.

The sustained power will remain the same regardless of what the turbo is, turbo just gets it to the peak temperature faster. The amount of heat the host can dissipate is fixed for a given ambient condition.

Mostly without at least 2500+ lumens on turbo I find myself hunting for a higher mode way more then I would think. 40w is just enough to reach around there on an XHP50.2, so it is something I am considering if I can find a good tint XHP50.2. More output would be better naturally though.

The biggest issue with the boost driver in that thread is it won’t fit my EDC and I don’t know of another host that would work. If someone knows of a 21700 host with a similar build to the convoy’s, I am all ears. Surprised Convoy has not made one yet to be honest.

The s21b is pretty close to being a 21700 s8. Shallower reflector and integrated shelf though

What’s the Lume X1 size? The S21A uses a 20mm driver, I suppose the S21B does as well. The S12 uses a 22mm driver, but for a triple.

Ok, now you have my attention. Looking into that, seems like the S21A has a pill but no fins, the S21B has a fixed shelf but includes fins. Those little fins are surprisingly effective.

I would want to swap to a TIR optic so I need the brass pill.

Hmm, if that $1400 stimulus comes though looks like I will be ordering a few things from Simon. Finally something worth considering as a replacement for my EDC.

I could not find specs on the drivers that come in these lights, anyone know who made them? What current they output or what firmware they use?

Although at this point I should almost just see if DB custom is still around and can be talked into customizing a 21700 host for me lol.

Is the x1 even a product yet? Last I saw it was just a single driver that was made as a proof of concept for a particular light. I did not see any generic drivers being sold or plans to build them?