Is this $2 driver ok for a SK68

I’m hoping to get some el-cheapo drivers to convert some 1-mode SK-68 clone.
[The existing 3-mode units have a too-high medium and no low]


These will be used by Joe Homeowner with alkaline’s, maybe a few NiMh’s, doubt 14500 usage.

to add a driver from DX

Thanks and all replies and opinions welcomed as usual.

Hi man. If you ever get this going, can you put some pics up so that I can get a clue how to mod :slight_smile: Where are those wires supposed to connect?

Any thoughts?

What’s the SK68’s original driver look like? If it’s the same dimensions I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit.

I think there is a pretty comprehensive testing of that driver done somewhere here. Here is a review of it's one mode bother. Looks about the same except does not have an MCU.

EDIT: Another review of the 1 mode verion:

If anyone gets a 17mm driver fit without machining the pill or finds a 15mm driver I would be very very happy.
I have need for some drivers too…

Here's the thread on my SK68 driver replacement mod...

There’s no problem using 17mm driver - it will sit on the pill (not inside) and can be secured with some glue. I’ve been using one modded like this for about a year. It’s a regular 4.2V 17mm 3mode driver, used with TF Flame 14500.

I recommend also adding a ring on the negative driver terminal to enhance contact. I just use a solid copper wire bent to C-ring shape.

I guess his method reduce the space between LED and lens so there is no perfect projection anymore when zoomed that’s not too bad…I will try it.