Is this a defect in Blackshadow Darth?

I got my first LED flashlight EVER, the Blackshadow Darth, delivered from yesterday. Tried it today. Very nice light. While I like its color and style, what I really like is how it feels when I hold it. The weight and girth are just right. Plenty of light too.

I do, however, have a problem. I can’t make it strobe. When I turn the dial to Strobe from any other position, the light stays at the same old setting (low, medium, or high) although the dial is now pointing to Strobe.

If I turn on the rear switch when the dial is in Strobe, the light doesn’t turn on at all.

Before I contact for replacement, does anyone have a suggestion for me to fix it myself?


Let me get this straight: you want the strobe to work? Sealed

I bet there are people here that would buy the one you got.

My thoughts exactly :slight_smile: Wish some of my lights were “faulty” like this.

Unfortunately it should strobe. Contact GG for a replacement.

True. We jest, but if the strobe doesn’t work today, you can bet that something else won’t work down the road. Get a replacement.

I just got the Darth replacement unit from GG and checked it out. Works in all modes now. I’m reasonably sure that the defective one had a bad dial switch. The arrow was about 3/8th inch off center of the label in each setting, and it didn’t turn quite as smoothly as the replacement unit’s dial.

It is only 4pm in California and I can’t wait for it to get dark to go for a walk with the Darth :slight_smile: