Is this a genuine Samsung 30Q?

Bought 2 of these from eBay, advertised as Samsung 30Q's, what you think?

My test equipment is not the most expensive but seems pretty good,

definitely not a real 30Q

on the left side it should have 2 rims in the body

you can clearly see it on HKJ´s website comparator pictures

Of course not.

That downward curve is way too steep, indicating that it is not a 30Q.

Could you please take a photo of the top terminal of the battery?

The horizontal is [h], and not [mAh], so isn’t this ok?

In addition, your reported capacity of only around 2400 mAh seems lower than expected. You should be closer to 2800-2900 mAh.

It does not look the same, but there is only 1 photo. Performance is significantly below expectations. Either it is not a 30Q, or it is nearing the end of its life.

Can you post a photo of all markings on your batteries, and what the top of the battery looks like?

Did you measure the amount of self-discharge after you charge it and leave it for 1-2 days?

If it helps…

I have 8x samsung 30q that I purchased at banggood about 2 years ago. I noticed weird behaviour…

They have the two rings in the photo.

When I received them… The resting voltage was 3.8…

I used 4 of them and left 4 not used (storage condition… Same voltage as they were received… Not touched)…

Ok… After one year… The 4 that I was using are now dead… And they have had light use in powerbanks.

The other 4 left unused… Now have a resting voltage of 3.3v. I tried one… And it is dead too…

I also have in storage condition other brands such as sanyo, keeppower, panasonic… None of them have died. All of them have a resting voltage between 3.6 and 3.8v after being more than 4 years in storage…

Something is wrong with the samsung 30q’s

In my experience, I think BG does sell genuine 30Q’s, though (at least) the button-tops are not the best quality, probably B or C grade cells. The flat tops I’ve bought (around 8, IIRC) are still performing well. I think they’re around 2 years old, so should be the same stock as the ones you have. Strange that yours have died so easily. It’s certainly possible they got some fakes in there; you can’t be sure that they don’t switch suppliers to someone slightly cheaper and therefore get fakes. But dead completely sounds worse than fakes. Even fakes usually hold a charge.

If they’re like some of my Banggood button-tops, they developed fast self-discharge. That might be what happened to yours. Crap cells, though I thought it was just there button-tops. Low-grade 30Q’s, IMO.

Here is the top, no other markings anywhere.

I just removed one of the silver stickers to reveal this.

genuine Samsung (can be noticed on 30Q and 25R and maybe others) should have faint markings visible underneath the wrapper (assuming without tearing up the wrapper)

they form part of the date code as mentioned here:

is there such a thing as protected flat top 30Q or just protected flat top period? i thought all protected cells are button tops

I used to have (~8 years or so) some flat top silver wrapped protected Ultrafire 18650s. They had what looked like a reterminated flat top with a conductor that ran to the negative terminal and a very thick gold PCB. That being said, It looks like they just used whatever photos of a 30Q they had on hand.

but does such thing even exist for 30Q though?