Is This For Real

Seems too good to be true.

But he has no negatives.

It looks used to me .... and some of the batteries look burnt. although It dosen't say the batteries are new just the light and the charger? Hell $23 , I spent that on 3 beers the other night down town. Get it.

Time left: 14h 28m 53s (Apr 19, 201207:26:47 PDT)
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More than 10 available / 92 sold

Another Ebayer seller with very little feedback, worth a try if you can afford to lose 20 or so bucks on the deal.

So if 92 have been sold why does he only have a 23 feedback rating?

Heck the charger alone is worth $17.


92 sold but ferhui3000 (16)

Tough call

If it turns out to be a fraud, is it protected through ebay/paypal? I've never done one like this - looks too good to be true (usually is).

I only see a feedback of 16. Where did the the others go?

problem for me - it says if defective you pay shipping back.

I'd pay $23 for the host if there were drivers available

the charger and batteries would go to recycling

I stopped at the Irish Pub after our group ride last night and spent this much on beer/tip in 45 minutes. Screw it, just bought. I can always file PayPal or ebay dispute, right?

Kinda puts the hurt on the Tmart group buy thread, don't it?

Use a DRY driver and mod it to work with it :wink:

Damn, it's showing 97 sold now.

can't think of a good way to do that...

driver's different size? no room to add connectors for changing to serial and even if you did, you'd end up w/ a spacer (extra battery). might as well just buy a dry...

edit: oh, and wrong kind of switch

I did the same, what the hell, if it’s real or even a host that’s ok, if fake or scam can file a claim.

Somebody make sure to take screenshots of EVERYTHING there in case the need for a dispute arises.

if you mean that the batteries and charger are junk I agree on the batteries, but that charger is amazing..I have one and am very happy with it..

Is it me or is one of those batteries in the pictures scorched?

hmm, that does change the equation some...

what did you pay for it?