is this the cheapest xml available
I know its not xml2 but i still like xml t6(wink2x). At
1.49$, i think it is. Good price. But gearbest might
Give me fake cree, or not?

Cheap it might be, but I can’t see the point. The only time I buy LEDs is due to an upgrade, ie replace something with something better.

The XM-L is old and out dated, that star is not DTP and thin aluminium and the listing doesn’t state the tint, you know the MOST important part of an LED, as no matter how dull or bright, you can always see the tint. It doesn’t even say what size the star is either, which is important when making it fit certain lights.

Honestly I think spending $1.49 on something like this, is paramount to throwing the money in the bin (trash).

I think you’d be much better off spending the extra here:

And getting something known and worthwhile. If you plan to drive the LED at higher amps, then you’ll be wanting it on a Noctigon anyhow.

chicken drumstick, upgrading a lamp is not the only fate of a XM-L star.
The XM-L is outdated but at this price, the XM-L2 star is 3 or 4 time more expensive while it’s not 3 or 4 time better than a XM-L. He can find a cheap host and make a good light for a reasonable price.
We are on BLF mate, note CPF.

It seems that there is many fake XP-L lamp but I am unaware of fake XM-L. I think the wholesale price of XM-L/2 is low enough that faking it is not relevant.

Le thanks on that. Even though some of us strive
To make the best performance flashlight, some still
Prefer the best price/performance flashlight.
If you think xmls are trash, please send some trash
Xmls to me so i can give them new life.

Sorry but I don’t agree. There might well be a price difference, but the actual difference in money terms is tiny. And you go from something simply not worth the effort to something very good indeed.

Frankly, LEDs like this are the sort of thing you take out of a crappy light and throw away for something better.

And if you can’t spare the extra $2-5 needed for a good LED and star, then you’d be better of waiting until you can.

It’s right that in the whole price of a lamp, the price difference is in favor of XM-L2. I see your point.
But it’s like the difference between a NangJ 105C at 2.8A or 3.04A, we all know that the 3.04A one is better, seeing the difference is not so evident even side by side.
If price was not important for us, we should all have MT-G2 on noctigon.

I think he meant something else.. its not about the brightness here, its about the tint.

You can buy most tints XM-L2 for under $5, and you`ll know what you get.. so if you want a nice light for yourself, he said better save a bit for the better tint, as you will know what you want, and what you get.

The tint on these cheaper ones are unpredictable, as you may end up with some angry blue or puke green.

so comparing it to drivers doesnt work here.

ps, not saying that these are very cheap, and may be useful for some projects/people.

It looks like a good deal to me...

I'd like to see if they would actually ship XM-L emitters, but if they didn't, that would be definite grounds for a Paypal claim.

I may order a handful of these for myself, as the XM-L is still a viable emitter option. My two EDC lights are still using XM-L emitters as they still do a great job of making light...

A few of these mounted on a heat sink strip and some AC drivers ( could make for some decent shop lighting if the tint is halfway decent...