Is Z-1 the new standard

Hello fellow BudgetLightForum members. I’m new to the forum and didn’t know a place like this existed. Or that so many topics and threads have been posted. I have been reading for a week and know there are months of reading still to go before I get caught up. It’s like starting the first book of a series that has already been published. You know how long the journey will be and are happy to have it ahead of you.

OK so down to the topic. I joined this forum not only because I am a flashaholic. (Always have been but didn’t know there was a name for it.) But also because I am cheap. I wanted the best bang for my buck that I can get. And although I may desire to accumulate many flashlights of all different variations if they don’t DO something special I can’t buy them. So I started with a SolarForce L2P because it seems to be a high quality host for very cheap money. (I can’t get over the $2 shipping rate all the way from Hong Kong and it still gets to me on the east coast in a week.) I also purchased the XM-L2 U2 drop in which seemed to be a lot of light (980 Lumens) for $16.99.

So now I am looking at variations adding a single battery extension so I can use 3 - CR123’s or a larger extension so I can have 2 - 18650’s. But I see that the current L2M model allows a flashlight with only 1 - CR123, a mini model. But the single CR123 won’t power the XM-L2 U2 and the only other drop in from SolarForce is a XR-E Q4 which only puts out 280 lumens. That doesn’t seem like enough light compared to the XM-L2. So it isn’t work the money to build a mini for so little light. Which brings me to the alternatives.

Solarforce has the Z-1 which is about 1/3 the size of the L2P and the width of a penny with a XP-G2 R5 driven by a single CR123 and claims to put out 240 lumens all for $15.99. So I guess in this round about question, is the Z-1 the new standard as the most light for the money? And do the larger lights like the L2 series have to equal the lumens per dollar to match the Z-1??


Welcome to BLF, all I have to say is P60’s are extremely outdated… Prepare to be amazed at what we do with lights here.

Don't harsh his buzz.

Welcome, enjoy the journey.

L2M + 18350 can turn dazzle the muggles.

Just a heads up, the “rated” output is a lie 99% of the time. They say 980 lumen but really mean about 1/4 of that

You found the right place , I spend 99% of my time on line here so much great info lights new mods etc…don’t rush read and learn I’ve been here jut a little of a year and just as of 2 Days ago was able to solder my first 7135 current regulaters .lol

You should join the Group Buy on the Eagle Eye X6. It’s built better than the L2P, actually does deliver the lumens, and is being configured to suit the members here at BLF…for ~$20 shipped.

Eagle Eye X6 Group Buy

If you’re in a hurry, the standard light is only $18.89 shipped at

Oh, and welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

Best advice ever! Nothing made by Solarforce will ever be considered the “new standard” in flashlights. Not by a long shot!

Oh, and yes, welcome to the forum!! :D

Convoy C8 host, $10.94

FET driver (currently out of stock) , $13.99

XM-L2 U2 1A on 16mm Noctigon , $6.79

Efest 35A 18650 , $8.45

$40.17 before shipping, and his shipping is among the cheapest in this country. So that’s an estimated 0.02231 cents per lumen. Absolute most bang for the buck, in an easy light. Richard can configure the driver to suit your taste.

That’s based on what you said about maximum brightness.

I built one of the little Eagle Eye X6’s such that it ran 1618 lumens, de-domed, and gave lux numbers of 83.25Kcd. It also drew 6.87A from that Efest cell. Battery won’t last long with 2500mAh and a 6800mA draw!

I am amazed by the changes in flashlights since LED arrived commercially. And I know the revolution is only beginning. I’m sorry to hear the P60’s are outdated since I only found them recently and like the look and feel of them. Unfortunately, I’m not good at mechanical things so I doubt I will ever get into assembly and modifications. I will just continue to search for more powerful and efficient drop ins.

looked at the group buy and I do agree it is a very powerful light for the money.

So I am learning. But I am encouraged because up until recently all my flashlights were the old styles and these LED blow them out of the water.

Thank you. I did look at the group buy and I admit it is a great buy for the price. Unfortunately not my style. I have to figure out how to get those lumens out of my L2P. :>)

Thanks for the welcome. You are probably right SolarForce will not be the new standard. There is certainly a whole world of light devices I never knew existed. I will do some exploring. However, I have to say I am very impressed by how much light comes out of this tiny Z-1 and all for $15.99. I can’t find a comparable that doesn’t need a build or modification. I may make my L2P my EDC but I suspect I will have the little Z-1 in my pocket where ever I go.

I have an Solarforce L2m shorty that uses one 18350 cell, it’s got a triple XP-G2 and the BLF17DD FET driver, makes a ton of light and is very impressive in looks. I have the crenelated SS tailcap and knurled head with crenelated SS bezel on it. Almost executive looking but can really put some light out.

That must put out a lot of heat on max setting. I like the concept. Must be like the sun going off when you turn it on. I don’t have the time or ability to hot rod drop ins. But I like the ideas I am reading on the blog.

If stock is impressive don’t look at this

Slow down everybody. P60’s are a classic. I’ve got quite a few and like children they grow on you. Best lego light out there!

L2M running 4 mode, 3.8 amp on a XM-L2 U2 using 18500’s with an A-001 head.
L2 runnig 4.5 amps on a MT-G2 using 2-18350’s or 2-18500’s with an extension.
L2’s with triples or Quads XP-G2’s hitting 5.6 amps.
A dozen other mixed and matched lights with SolarForce part (some one elses dropin).

The P60 lives on as a great utility light that actually has holsters that fit them.

can i ask where you purchased the mt g2 and triple and quad drop ins?

The quads are from kerberos0023 5.6 amp, VanIsleDSM 5.6 amp and Vinz 4.2 amp from CPF. The triple is a SPORTAC. Two MT-G2’s; one direct drive using two Kinoko 18350’s pulling about 3.5 amps. The other I did using running 3 amps.

Admin should move the last part of this thread to a SolarForce P60 thread. I think many people who are not interested in the Z-1 would like to read about some of the P60 mods. I like the SolarForce L2 series and would like to get more out of my LED. I’m not ready to DIY mods and am not interested into making a P60 into a pocket lighthouse. But I would like to get more out of my P60. But I am curious about some of the drop ins mentioned here.