Issue with Ali/PP..

Hi, I hope you are well. I am asking for help.:bow:
My last two PaidPal orders from convoy flashlight store have had the address corrupted which results in the product being sent back. Convoy messenger has my correct address… ’cuz he told me so. Paypl also has my correct address. I only buy using PP and I’ve not had a problem for several other orders from Convoy Store… so I’m confounded as to why my address is being changed. I have an inquiry into the PP community …but no response yet. I’m not sure what to do next. I appreciate any and all assistance you can provide. I need me some Simon Lights!

Ali and PP have room for storing more than one adddress.
Remove/delete all addresses except the one you want your goods send to.
Make sure that both remaining addresses (Ali and PP) look like identical twins.
(so no Rodeo Drive on one site and Rodeo Drv. on the other site).

Thanks. Pretty sure they’re the same but I’ll check again…
Rodeo Drive lol

Maybe shipping and billing address are getting mixed?