It can stop snowing now.....

Today I feel like my arms are about to fall off. For the first time, I really don't want to shovel anymore snow in front of my house. Just took this pic today of what I have been doing.

A few days ago I dug a hole with a shovel for about 25 minutes straight to plant a small tree.

Because I'm not used to that kind of exercise, I have been sore for a couple of days.

I can't even imagine shoveling snow.

It's been wet snow, so every shovel weighs a ton. Here is another pic how the smaller pile on the left looks like from inside my living room when we're watching tv. Feels like an iceberg from the Titanic staring us down.

Send it to the bush fires in eastern Victoria, Australia :slight_smile:

Not too hot this week but one of the worst cities in the world for air quality Melbourne CBD, Australia Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index

Wish I could take some snow. We average .7 of an inch per year here. Biggest was around 12 inches in 1973, I remember two times since then when in snowed 5 or 6 inches. Can remember several times going 4 or 5 years straight with no snow.

Winter is coming and Im still waiting. Should be some snow here too, but its raining water. Never seen this before. Usually snow comes and stays in december atleast, but not this year. Seems fishy. But hey remember this: When life gives you wet snow , make snowmans.[/quot]

Does'nt seem normal for rain in January for a country like Finland. My wife wants a snowman so I may have to make her one again!

Things are going to change. It is useless to put all our resourses in keeping the status quo.
Global warming up? Yeah, it’s going to happen.
But if I remember correctly, rhino’s were roaming on what’s now the bottom of the North Sea.
Between palmtrees and giant ferns.

But things are not happening in just one horrifying direction either.
For starters: remember physics class? Melting floating ice won’t raise the water level.
Melting land ice means the earth under it can raise again to it’s old level.
That has not yet been considered in the apocalyptic scenario’s of our ceteris paribus scientists.
The decision of buying an arc may depend on properties of the tectonic plate you’re living on.
On the up-side: there is another ice-age coming.

What worries me is Yellowstone. That IS going to happen, no matter what.
Quite certain it won’t in our generation. But the ash clouds will reverse global warming.
On the timescale of the universe, human life has only emerged a few seconds ago.
We’re just a blip, and look what we have managed to destroy in that short time.
If we are the caretakers/janitors of Gods creation, what will our evaluation talk be like?

wow thats alot of snow… i guess thats normal view this time of year in Canada?

When I shovel snow in winter, I get so hot that I put off even my T-Shirt. shovelling snow in bare upper body using ofc gloves and a woollen hat. Even so if it snows, is windy and –10 degrees Celsius. It feels so good after, when I get back into the warm living room.

Global warming is fake news
What if we were around in the ice age ,would we call it global cooling?

During my childhood here in northern Ohio winters were colder and snow was frequent. In recent years we’ve seen more rain than snow. This winter I’d estimate the total snowfall at around 3 inches. What I find disturbing is the attitude of the local ‘meteorologists’ about the warm winters who insist that 60 degrees in December and January is normal and temperatures below freezing are abnormal.

Denying that of billions of humans affect climate and environment is like denying a goldfish is the cause of a fishbowl becoming cloudy.

I used to like snow until I had kids. I hate snow days. They eat up my vacation time!

Your hate is misdirected. It’s your kids’ fault, not the snow.

It's pretty normal at higher elevations but my town is at around 328 metres above sea level only. Still, usually every 5 years or so like now the snow hammers us a little more. My wife really enjoys it though as she says it keeps me fit in Winter. When I was 40 it was a lot of fun and when I turned 50 I felt like 30 clearing all the snow. Now I turned 60 and some days I think I hate the snow, but it's all good after a warm cup of coffee!

Keeps you fit until it kills you.

You know, there was a time 2 days ago where I thought I was going to get a heart attack or something, so you're not wrong in what you say lol.

Wet snow is heart attack snow.

Depends where you are in Canada. This amount of snow is usual in the east, but not the west. If you visit Canada in the winter you will need snowshoes for Quebec and anything east. Warm rubber boots for southern “ slushy” Ontario and sunglasses for Saskatchewan and Akberta to avoid snow blindness. There is rarely this much snow there, but there is usually a thin light layer with a bright blinding sun. The biggest snowfalls don’t hit there until spring. Once you make it to the west coast you will need rain gear.

Just lost a friend to a heart attack after shovelling snow. He cleared away the first snow fall of the year, got in his car and had a heart attack a few miles away. He was in great shape too. Apparently cold weather and hard work create the perfect storm for heart attacks.

I grew up where we would get the mass storms like that. Wet weather would come over the great lakes and just dump. Sorry to hear that Rage, “Heart attack snow” is spot on. Don’t miss the snow that much, but I do miss it. We get snow here, but anything more than a bit shuts everything down. Lots of big hills, and not enough snow to make buying a bunch of plows worthwhile (we can go several winters with no snow at all) makes for treacherous driving.