It has begun- 5 XML torch

Just saw this at Manafont-

A 5x XML Skyray. Interesting head design but it too bad we cant see inside it.

I'll give them props for being one of the firsts, but I won't entrust 106 of my hard earned dollars to a SkyRay product.

My initial reaction is the same as yours. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this one might return some good reviews.

Any light that is wired like that I personally don't want.

Wired like what?

Strange they don't advertise this light as 10000 something lumen :d

I feel ashamed to say this, but we might have to hold on for 2100 to buy and review this light. Doesn't he already own every other budget light worth owning? haha. I'm grateful for having that guy around. He's usually game for getting stuff like this.

OMG! I'm getting one!

Well I guess I shouldn't state it like that. Look at the picture where the driver is in the tube and the wires go to the led and in the head where it twist off. I had a light just like that when I went to take the head off it separated the wires.

5 xm-l's in a 2x18650 setup. WHOOOOO. RUNTIME BEAST!

even with 3x18650 it'll be something to pity if they are driven half decent. Although I guarantee if they are, you couldn't run this thing on high for long.


They are not able to make a decent triple XML, I can't imagine how this 5*XML wil perform

Until the opposite is proven... no more SkyRay for me neither.

Though,I must say, it has a nice big head!

It seems like with 5 x XM-L you start getting into HID Xenon territory, meaning the efficiency of LED's at that level starts to drop off and you could just as well go with the HID light. That's if we're talking 18650 cells. Operating on 25500x2 or 32600x2 is a whole different story. That scares me a little bit, though. haha

After looking at that setup I had a thought. Order a spare 2 18650 battery tube if possible then direct drive with 4x 18650. Talk about a torch!! Obviously runtime heat would be an issue but still......

Thanks for taking one for the team! We will be looking forward to your review.

But am not going to buy one.

At least not till someone else gets one and tells me they are wonderful.

And I've got some spare cash.......


I´m just thinking out loud here, but to me the wires running to the headunit looks thin?

I mean 5 x XML running at what? 2,5A to 2,8A? Multiply by 5 and and you are getting close to something you can weld with

And isn´t there some rather interesting issues with running 3 x 18650 batteries in series or is it my memory playing tricks...

Says driven at 1.5A on Manafont. If that's the case, that's lame. I'll pass.


Wiring, driver, amperage to the LED's, quality control, reliability... its all speculation for now. Lets wait till spambot receives his. Then we will have a better idea if this is something we should all campaign for on a group buy. This might even look good with a BLF logo on the side!

Id like to see 3A on high and somewhere around 1A on medium (I know... wishful thinking). Its good to see the driver separated from the head with a fair amount of surface area and fins for heat sinking. It could always use more but the leds being isolated should make it far more reliable, even if it does tend to run very hot. Lets hope for a great driver this time.

I noticed that too. This will probably put out less lumens than the DRY 3x XML.

I'd pay for that kind of $$ if it's nice with HA/NW LEDs, either that or it has a bigger head. But i guess it's the usual 1A tint 7000k kind of stuff, and the head's not bigger (100mm would be bice). I think i'll wait for the DRY penta XM-L with 5 x 18650. LOL!

There is no way to DD this if the driver goes poof. 5 x XM-Ls....need 2 more extensions. Pretty hardcore.

SR3800 is 160 lux ceiling bounce. Divide that by 3 and then times 5, that's 266. That's just DRY + UCL territory. Throw won't be different, same sized reflectors (just more of them). It says 1.5A, well don't take it at absolute value but with the prev SR3800 specs to be at 2.5A that means...well i don't know.

If today's the same as 2009 in April, I think anyone's in the market will buy every light in CNQG/MF/DD/lightmall/DX. LOL! But no....